Groundbreaking "Un-Webinar" Series Brings Sports Talk Vibe to Debate B2B Ecommerce's Hottest Topics

Industry thought leaders Andy Hoar & Brian Beck announce the launch of Master B2B, a new online debate format designed to deliver critical Ecommerce best practices to manufacturers and distributors

The world's leading experts in B2B Ecommerce, Andy Hoar and Brian Beck, have joined forces to announce the Master B2B Thought Leadership Series. The series features "Un-Webinars," an online debate-style format that will get to the core of the issues most critical to B2B manufacturers and distributors seeking to digitally transform their businesses. 

Hoar and Beck are each respected industry thought leaders with a global audience and many thousands of followers. Hoar is the former lead B2B Ecommerce analyst for Forrester Research, co-founder of the B2B Next conference, and CEO of Paradigm B2B. Beck is a former VP of Ecommerce at multiple firms, the author of "Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce," and a Managing Partner at Enceiba, the industry's only agency focused on B2B strategies for Amazon.

In late 2020, Hoar and Beck identified a need to "cut through the noise" of boring, sales-pitch webinars, and create a brand-new, more engaging, and less one-sided format. The result is Master B2B, which offers an unprecedented online debate format in which industry practitioners and experts explore critical issues in B2B, challenge conventional wisdom in the space, and deliver unbiased and practical takeaways. 

The Master B2B Series kicks off at 2 p.m. ET on March 30, 2021, with "Man vs. Machine: Who is Going to Win the War for B2B Customer Loyalty?" Will the likes of Ecommerce, Amazon, and artificial intelligence render the physical salesforce irrelevant? Or, is there still a role for the human salesperson in B2B commerce?

The first Master B2B Series will tackle key questions, including:

  • Is "headless" commerce a real thing or just a buzzword?
  • Should all manufacturers be selling on Amazon?
  • What are the hidden growth drivers in Ecommerce that you aren't using?
  • Is launching your own marketplace a good idea or a waste of money?
  • Which physical sales roles will Ecommerce eliminate? 
  • What mistakes are you making now that will prevent your future success?
  • What time do you have left to tackle digital transformation, or is it too late?

The series is free for participants who register at

About Master B2B: Master B2B offers the industry's first and only debate-style thought leadership series dedicated to delivering unbiased commentary and practical takeaways on the critical issues facing B2B manufacturers and distributors. Master B2B was founded by Andy Hoar and Brian Beck, the two preeminent global thought leaders in B2B Ecommerce, to help B2B companies effectively transform their businesses for a digital-first era. More information and a schedule of upcoming "Un-Webinars" can be found at

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