Master B2B's Upcoming Un-Webinar Tackles the Burning Issue of 'Who's Better at Simplifying Complex B2B Commerce…Business or IT?'

B2B businesses face many challenges in implementing e-commerce; does the often-tense dynamic between business and IT really need to add to the complexity?

Business users often want to move fast and break things, while IT pros are famous for seeking stability and managing progress. Is one team better suited to lead the digital commerce charge than the other? On May 25, B2B e-commerce thought leaders Andy Hoar and Brian Beck will assemble a team of industry experts to discuss Who's Better at Simplifying Complex B2B Commerce…Business or IT?

Complexity is unavoidable. But between channel conflict, infighting between e-commerce and sales teams, and new competitors emerging every day (notably Amazon), many B2B companies wonder whether their e-commerce solution must necessarily add complexity -- or if a complicated infrastructure for digital commerce is just a fact of life?

On May 25, a distinguished panel of B2B insiders will explore the complexity of B2B commerce by tackling key questions such as:

  • How do companies balance what the business needs in terms of speed with what IT demands for scale, stability, and security? 
  • Can you launch an MVP in the short term without sacrificing superordinate long-term goals?
  • Are Proofs of Concept in B2B e-commerce necessary still or a waste of time and money?  
  • Can you adopt an Amazon-like test and learn approach without blowing up your budget?
  • Do new approaches (e.g., composable commerce, headless commerce) simplify or further complicate commerce, and who do they help more -- business or IT?

Joined by seasoned digital executives from industry leaders Keysight Technologies, ETNA Supply, Elastic Path, and TA Digital, Andy and Brian will moderate a vigorous debate about the role of leadership in navigating the complexity of digital transformation.

Who's Better at Simplifying Complex B2B Commerce…Business or IT? will air on Tuesday, May 25 at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT and is free for participants who register at

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