Master B2B Addresses the Critical Question in Its Latest Un-Webinar 'Why Do B2B Companies Make the Same Three Ecommerce Mistakes?'

B2B companies continue to choose the wrong people, processes, and technologies when implementing Ecommerce

The world's leading experts in B2B Ecommerce, Andy Hoar and Brian Beck, will be addressing a critical issue in B2B Ecommerce with the latest installment of their Master B2B Un-Webinar series: Why Do B2B Companies Make the Same Three Ecommerce Mistakes? 

With so many B2B companies entering the digital commerce space, it is critical that Ecommerce professionals make informed decisions about the right people to hire, processes to adopt, and technologies to leverage. In the age of Amazon, there is no longer much room for error.

Among the key issues up for debate are: Do manufacturers and distributors need to fundamentally adjust their approach to hiring, decision making, and deploying systems? Are the traditional approaches to Ecommerce still effective or must B2B companies necessarily employ more unconventional systems of engagement? 

Specifically, if you're a B2B Ecommerce professional should you:

  • Build Ecommerce talent internally or go to the ranks of B2C to source people?
  • Manage web development from within the Ecommerce team or the IT team? 
  • Physically locate the Ecommerce team at corporate HQ or in its own, separate work environment?
  • Launch an Ecommerce "proof of concept" with a lighter solution or buy most of your functionality needs upfront? 
  • Take time with a careful platform selection process or go right for the best one or two solutions to speed time to market?

Joined by seasoned digital executives from industry leaders Stanley Black & Decker, IBT, HID Global, and deineBAUSTOFFE, each making their case for the best approach, Andy and Brian will guide a debate about how to avert the costliest pitfalls on the road to digital success.

The "Avoiding the Three Key Mistakes in B2B Ecommerce" Un-Webinar will air on Wednesday, May 12, at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT and is free for participants who register at

About Master B2B: Master B2B offers the industry's first and only debate-style thought leadership series dedicated to delivering unbiased commentary and practical takeaways on the critical issues facing B2B manufacturers and distributors. Master B2B was founded by Andy Hoar and Brian Beck, the two preeminent global thought leaders in B2B Ecommerce, to help B2B companies effectively transform their businesses for a digital-first era. More information and a schedule of upcoming "Un-Webinars" can be found at

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