Master B2B's Upcoming Un-Webinar Tackles the Vexing Question 'Is It Possible to Conquer the Hidden Killers of B2B Profitability?'

Are profits from B2B digital commerce being pulverized by hidden costs and complexities?

B2B firms consistently underestimate the operational expenses involved in engaging in a high-growth e-commerce channel. Tax, shipping, and credit management can all serve to ruin a digital ROI. This "Un-Webinar," which is a jargon-free, high-quality debate-style conversation hosted by Master B2B, will analyze what tactics are available to convert traditional profit killers into opportunities.

At issue is whether the traditional killers of B2B profitability can be converted from cost centers into strategic advantages for B2B companies. More specifically, are shipping, tax, and credit just costs of operating an e-commerce channel or can they be leveraged into customer experience advantages that generate greater revenue and profits?

On November 17 at 2 PM ET, B2B e-commerce thought leaders Andy Hoar and Brian Beck, and a distinguished panel of B2B executives from Leica Biosystems, Cepheid, CDE Fasteners, and Avalara, will debate the question "Is it Possible to Conquer the Hidden Killers of B2B Profitability?" The industry insiders will tackle key issues such as:

  • What are the unseen and underestimated expenses that are eating away at your margins?
  • Can these tactics, such as tax collection, be converted to customer experience advantages?
  • Are these approaches simply necessary for meeting customer expectations, such as Amazon-like fast shipping?
  • Is the B2B credit approval and management process in need of modernization?
  • What approaches to these issues have produced profit upside for industry practitioners?

"Is it Possible to Conquer the Hidden Killers of B2B Profitability?" will air live on Wednesday, November 17 at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT and is free for participants who register at

About Master B2B: Master B2B offers the industry's first and only debate-style thought leadership series dedicated to delivering unbiased commentary and practical takeaways on the critical issues facing B2B manufacturers and distributors. Master B2B was founded by Andy Hoar and Brian Beck, the two preeminent global thought leaders in B2B e-commerce, to help B2B companies effectively transform their businesses for a digital-first era. More information and a schedule of upcoming "Un-Webinars" can be found at

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