Get Your Certification as a Cardiac Monitor Technician Today by Taking the New Online Exam

The National Telemetry Association is pleased to announce that the Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician exam is now available online. This is a rare opportunity for everyone in the medical field who is interested in becoming a monitor technician. The exam consists of 75 questions and each student is given 90 minutes to complete. The beauty of the N.T. A.'s ability to offer this online option, is to assist people in developing the skills necessary to work as a cardiac monitor technician in hospitals.

​The National Telemetry Association understands the importance of certification.  That is why they are the leaders in the industry of telemetry testing.  Many health care workers are looking to change their job position for more challenging opportunities.  Jobs as cardiac monitor technicians are  becoming more and more plentiful within hospitals.  This is why the N.T.A. has established a comprehensive exam for telemetry and is the authority site for testing.  It is now possible to earn national certification through the N.T.A. by taking the Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician exam on-line.  The fact that the exam is on-line should not deter one from recognizing its validity.  ​The on-line exam consist of 75 questions and the tester has up to 90 minutes to complete.  Upon completion, the student will see their score and will receive a printable certification.  The hard copy certification will be mailed out to the student within ten working days along with their patch and a letter of completion.  Certifications are good for two years, after which the student must renew with 25 continuing education hours.  The great thing about the on-line N.T. A. exam, is that students will get immediate results and recognition of their achievement which they can present to their supervisor.  The N.T.A. has been certifying medical professional for over the past 6 years and is steadily becoming the foremost leader in the industry of heart arrhythmia specialists.  There is a distinct need for competent cardiac monitor technicians in the health care industry.  As of late the amount of educational time spent in training has been lagging.  The N.T.A. specializes in training telemetry professionals as well.  Those who need extra training in reading and interpreting cardiac arrhythmias may also take advantage of the N.T.A.'s on-line tutorial program.  This program is aimed at not only training new telemetry technicians but also refreshing the skills of those who are currently working or have worked in the field.  These include nurses, physicians and monitor technicians.  The great news regarding the on-line tutorial is that the national exam is also included.

Source: National Telemetry Association LLC


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