Get My Auto Warns Against Dangers of Playing Pokemon While Driving

Pokemon Go has already caused numerous highway accidents. Get My Auto discourages players from using the app while driving.

Pokemon Go, a new mobile phone-based game from Nintendo, has drawn widespread acclaim and become something of a phenomenon—not just for its addicting gameplay but for its innovation. Players use their phones to “catch” different Pokemon creatures as they visit different geographic locales; in other words, and unlike traditional video games, this one actually encourages players to get up, get moving, and explore new places. Pokemon Go can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, which is both a virtue but also a danger. Already many have attempted to play Pokemon while operating a motor vehicle, and the results have been predictably hazardous. Get My Auto has issued a new statement to the press, warning drivers against playing Pokemon while behind the wheel.

“Anything that distracts your mind from the act of driving is ultimately dangerous—to you, to your passengers, and to other drivers on the road,” the press statement says. “This includes eating, texting, talking on the phone, and yes, even playing Pokemon.”

There have already been reports of Pokemon-related motor vehicle accidents. Driving puts it into context: “If you think people addicted to texting was bad, get ready for the next wave of worse. Distracted walkers on phones has been a problem for years; distracted drivers texting is near drunk driving danger levels. Pokémon Go is in fewer hands but growing, is slower paced but is more addictive.” Insurance Journal, meanwhile, shares the story of one particular accident stemming from involvement with the game.

“While we certainly want people to have fun and enjoy the game, and love that it’s getting people so active, we caution strongly against playing the game while operating a vehicle,” the Get My Auto statement concludes. “Doing so could endanger you, your vehicle, and the people around you, including pedestrians.”

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