Get My Auto Heralds Promising March Sales States as Strong Showing for Auto Industry

According to preliminary data, March may be a robust month for auto sales. Get My Auto explains the significance of this.

For the auto industry, 2017 has had a rocky beginning. Sales figures for January and February, while not bad by any means, have shown overall losses when compared with January and February 2016. Experts say that March could bring a big shift, however—and put the auto industry on track for a vigorous 2017. In a new statement to the press, Get My Auto comments on these pending sales numbers.

“Though the figures are still being tabulated, some analysts believe they will yield much positive news for the auto industry,” Get My Auto says.

Indeed, The Detroit News says that March sales figures may show 1.63 million units being moved. This would make it the best first quarter for auto sales since 2000. “Buoyed by continued strong SUV and truck sales in the U.S. as buyers continue to turn away from small cars and sedans, analysts also expect first quarter sales will be close to the 4.1 million units reported sold in the first quarter last year,” the report says.

The Detroit News also reports that some auto makers will likely see better numbers than others, with General Motors being a big winner and Fiat Chrysler showing more modest gains. Ford, on the other hand, may actually have a decline for March. Final sales numbers will likely be published in the second week of April.

What all of this means is that, following a slow beginning, 2017 could actually be a solid year for car companies—perhaps even better than 2016. “Forecasted sales growth in March could help the industry overtake the pace set at the same time last year,” The Detroit News reports.

“There is much reason for auto companies to be cautiously optimistic, and to wonder if this might turn out to be a truly stellar year after all,” Get My Auto summarizes. “We’ll have to wait for the final numbers to know for sure.”

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