Get My Auto Spotlights the Best Used Cars for Teen Drivers

A new report highlights some of the best used vehicles for teen drivers, including cars in different categories and price points.

Having a teen driver in the family can be nerve-racking. There are obvious concerns about safety, but also questions about where to buy a new family vehicle, and about which vehicle is the best choice for a new driver. Finding a used car that combines affordability, reliability, and safety is especially tricky—but by no means impossible. Get My Auto has released a new statement to the press, providing some guidelines to the parents of teen drivers.

“For the parents of teen drivers, we recommend looking for vehicles at used car dealerships, where the price point is always going to be more accommodating,” says the Get My Auto press release. “And if you know what you are looking for, you can find a car that’s stylish and fun while also being sturdy and safe.”

As for specific tips for parents looking to buy a used car for their teen drivers, Get My Auto recommends looking for vehicles with strong crash test ratings, first and foremost. It is also advisable to avoid vehicles with a lot horsepower, lest teens test the speed limits of their automobile. Generally speaking, Get My Auto says that bigger, heavier vehicles can be safer.

As for which specific cars are best, Get My Auto points to a recent list compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “This list of recommendations runs the spectrum, from sedans to SUVs, even minivans and pickup trucks,” Get My Auto explains. “Any of the vehicles on the list would make fine choices for teen drivers, and they are all available for extremely affordable prices.”

The bottom line? Used car dealerships are full of options for the parents of teen drivers, including plenty of vehicles that are affordable as well as safe and reliable. “Knowing that your young driver has the best possible vehicle can help you feel less anxious, which is what makes this list invaluable,” says the Get My Auto team.

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Source: Get My Auto