Get My Auto Releases New Book, 'The Ultimate Dealer Guide to Facebook Advertising'

Get My Auto has unveiled a new book, which provides extensive guidance for dealerships looking to employ Facebook Ads. The book is available now.

For auto dealerships, there are innumerable avenues for advertising and buyer outreach. One of the most effective is the Facebook Ads network—but leveraging this platform effectively is a discipline unto itself. That’s why the marketing experts at Get My Auto have codified everything there is to know about Facebook Ads into a new book. Aimed specifically at car dealerships, the book is titled The Ultimate Dealer Guide to Facebook Advertising. Written by Get My Auto principle Amir Razavi, the book is available now.

“Facebook Ads allows dealerships to display highly-targeted ads, and to optimize those ads in a way that minimizes their own financial risk,” Razavi says. “Dealerships that use Facebook Ads effectively can essentially talk directly to interested buyers in their area—and our book provides detailed instructions on doing just that.”

The Ultimate Dealer Guide to Facebook Advertising is indeed exhaustive. It offers guidance for establishing a dealership Facebook page, creating compelling ad copy, selecting the right images, targeting and optimizing effectively, bidding judiciously, and more.

The book also comes with some helpful resources, including a list of general tips and strategies; a troubleshooting guide, for Facebook Ads campaigns that are not going as planned; and some reflections on content marketing, which can be critical in augmenting a Facebook Ads approach.

“We go through these topics in detail, making sure that even the complete Facebook novice can grasp these key concepts,” Razavi states. “Additionally, we have written this book exclusively for auto dealerships, and everything here is relevant to that particular industry.”

Get My Auto is uniquely qualified to offer a book like this one. With years of experience in digital marketing, Get My Auto has unparalleled insight into Facebook Ads—and they have always worked exclusively with auto dealerships.

“We have worked with a lot of dealerships, and found that there is real interest in using Facebook Ads—but also a lot of uncertainty, a lot of questions,” Razavi concludes. “With this book, you’ll feel totally confident in your own Facebook Ads ability.”

The Ultimate Dealer Guide to Facebook Advertising is available on


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Source: Get My Auto