Get My Auto Predicts the Rise of Online Vehicle Sales Transactions

According to Get My Auto, online vehicle sales transactions could be here as soon as this year. The company has issued a new statement to the press.

​​Right now, it seems like you can buy almost anything online—with a few key exceptions. Currently, car dealerships can’t handle online sales transactions for new or used vehicles—but according to Get My Auto, all of that could be changing soon. The company has issued a statement to the press, explaining this prediction and offering dealerships some tips for preparing.

“According to many industry analysts, a shift toward online sales transactions could be coming soon—within a couple of years, and possibly even by the end of 2017,” the Get My Auto press statement says.

As evidence, the company points to a recent article from Automotive News, which says the same thing. “That includes pitching finance and insurance products and getting electronic signatures on key documents,” the article states. “There are even online leasing apps popping up, too.” At some point in the near future, the article predicts, millions of people will be purchasing their vehicles using online transactional technology.

All of this suggests a period of sudden transition for dealerships. One of the best things a dealership can do to prepare for online sales transactions is to make an investment in digital marketing, Get My Auto says.

“Online sales transactions are coming sooner rather than later, which means that online visibility will become more crucial than ever,” explains Get My Auto in its press statement. “Now is the time for dealerships to build strong websites and to start formulating strategies for Facebook advertising, search engine optimization, and more.”

Not all experts agree that online sales transactions are feasible. “Some dealers say completing a car transaction online is years away because valuing a trade-in, arranging financing and complying with regulations make it too complex,” reports Automotive News. “Others warn that online deals open the door to cybercrime.” More and more, however, these are minority voices—which makes online marketing a matter of increased urgency.

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Source: Get My Auto