General Election Uncertainties Impacting Auto Sales, Reports Get My Auto

This year's U.S. elections are already having a volatile impact—including in used auto sales. Get My Auto shares the latest data.

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Any election season is bound to bring with it a high degree of uncertainty, but the 2016 Presidential contest may be even more volatile than usual. In the final stretch of what most analysts would call a highly unconventional race, polling reveals a virtual dead heat between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as lingering questions about how races in the House and the Senate will turn out.

This dead heat comes after a prolonged period of fluctuating polls, which at one time found as much as nine points separating the two candidates. All of this volatility has already had an impact, not least on the used car market. In a new statement to the press, Orange County based Get My Auto explains how the election has already impacted used auto dealers.

“With a big election looming, and many economic uncertainties, consumers are hesitant to make any big purchases,” comments Get My Auto in its press statement. “Frankly, with worries about adverse economic effects from the election, many buyers are taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach rather than rushing out to buy something new—and that includes buying new automobiles.”

Certainly, the price of new vehicles continues to rise—and with such an uncertain financial future, many consumers are opting to save their money rather than spend it. According to Get My Auto, however, there is a third option that exists.

“What we are finding through our own in-house research is that buyers are wary about making big purchases—yet dealers who market their inventory well can show the consumer that it is possible to be frugal and responsible while still investing in a good car,” says Get My Auto. “Used cars are in many ways the perfect solution, as they offer such tremendous bang for buck—longevity, but also a lower sticker price. For consumers worried about the future of the economy, buying a used car may be the smart way to go.”

As for dealers? “Now is the time for a big marketing push,” concludes Get My Auto. “Let consumers know that, yes, we live in uncertain times and yet it is still possible to buy a good vehicle without depleting your finances.”

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Get My Auto is an informational website about used vehicles. Its aim is to educate consumers about their pre-owned vehicle choices.

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