Foam Fire Extinguisher Line Now Offered by

Fire Protection Online, an online retailer of fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment, is introducing a foam fire extinguisher line. Ten different foam models are now available for fighting Class A and Class B fires.

Fire Protection Online, a leading online retailer of fire extinguishers and home and commercial fire safety equipment introduces its new foam fire extinguisher line. Ten different models are currently available for purchase.

AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) extinguishers have risen in popularity for use in residential and commercial facilities over the last fifteen years. They are versatile and offer firefighting power again Class A and Class B fires. Class A fires include wood, paper, and cloth fires. Class B fires include flammable liquids like diesel and petrol as accelerants.

One advantage of foam extinguishers that makes well-suited in office and commercial settings is their lightweight construction and ease of operation. For example, a 6 liter foam model extinguisher has the same firefighting power as a traditional 9 liter water extinguisher, but it is only two-thirds of the weight of a water extinguisher.

AFFF foam spray extinguisher models should never be used or sprayed on or near electric equipment or electrical fires. They are each specially fitted with a nozzle that reduces electrical risk, and they have been tested for safety up to 35,000 volts. These special nozzles will not conduct electrical currents, even if they are accidentally sprayed on electric equipment or wiring.

Fire Protection Online's product line includes 2, 3, 6, and 9 liter foam fire extinguishers as well 6 and 9 liter chrome models. For heavy duty firefighting power three larger models are also available. These models will last 5 years or more with routine maintenance and indoor use. The 45, 50, and 100 liter extinguishers are the best line of defense for large blazes. Each extinguisher is set on wheels for ease of mobility. Models can simply and easily be operated by one person, despite their large size. The anticipated lifespan of these larger models is about 10 years.

In order to ensure quality, Fire Protection Online stocks highly-rated extinguishers made by Thomas Glover and Company. FPO's extinguishers have genuine BSi Kitemarks to BS EN 3 certification by British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE).

Fire safety is very important and to comply with fire safety and code enforcement regulations, it is important that a business's foam fire extinguisher is serviced each and every year. Fire safety experts recommend hiring a BAFE technician for proper maintenance of safety equipment. It is also imperative that all employees be trained in fire safety and learn how to properly use extinguishers.

Fire fighting foams are used to suppress Class A and Class B flames. The first foam extinguisher was created in Russia in 1902, and they work by suppressing flames and depriving them of the oxygen they require to continue burning. Over the years a variety of chemicals and proteins have been used as foam extinguishing agents.

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