Florida Smiles Dental Recommends Dental Cleanings for Many of Its Patients Every 3 to 4 Months in 2020

Even though the pandemic disrupted many things in our society, it's important more than ever to take care of one's teeth and get back on a pre-pandemic teeth cleaning schedule. Many patients of Florida Smiles Dental are best served with cleanings every 3 to 4 months.

Florida Smiles Dental Recommends Dental Cleanings for Many Every 3 to 4 Months in 2020.

​​​​​​​​​Though it varies per patient and consultation, Florida Smiles Dental recommends dental cleanings 3-4 times per year for many of its patients, and cleanings are mostly covered by dental insurance each year. However, some people forget to take advantage of their insurance benefits.

2020 brought many surprises and disrupted the lives of many, but people should not neglect their dental health.

What are the benefits of getting one's teeth cleaned quarterly one may ask?

  • Prevent Bad Breath. 
    ​Teeth cleaning keeps the mouth healthy and removes odors.
  • Prevent Tooth Pain.
    Pain happens when an issue has been going on for a while. Cleanings help patients be aware of problems early on.
  • Decrease the Rate of Dementia.
    Periodontal bacteria can increase dementia patient's inflammation. People with healthy mouths have less chance of inflammation, which can be a contributing factor to mental decline.
  • Prevent Premature Birth or Low Birth Weight of a Child.
    Teeth cleanings prevent gum disease which could increase the likelihood of premature birth weight or low birth weight.
  • Prevent Cavities.  
    Teeth cleaning scrapes away plaque. The build-up of plaque causes cavities.
  • Prevent Gum Disease.
    Preventing plaque around the teeth prevents gum disease.
  • Prevent Diabetes.
    Gum diseases can make it difficult to gain control of blood glucose levels, which can lead to diabetes.
  • Reduce the Likelihood of a Heart Attack or Stroke
    ​Bacteria from gums get into the bloodstream, which could affect the heart.
  • Cleanings give the opportunity to discover other issues in the mouth. 
    Sometimes patients come in to get their teeth cleaned and realize that they need a crown, or they discover how implants can improve their smile.

This page gives a summary about general dentistry which includes preventative dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings. https://floridasmilesdental.com/dental-care-services/fort-lauderdale-lighthouse-point-florida-fl-family-dentist/ 

Some people are concerned about going to the dentist because of high rates of infections right now in Florida during the pandemic. ​Florida Smiles Dental is maintaining a clean office environment and has a full list of protocols to meet those hygiene and safety standards and protect its patients. These protocols are listed here: https://floridasmilesdental.com/covid-19-protocol/

​Get to know the staff of Florida Smiles Dental. https://floridasmilesdental.com/fort-lauderdale-lighthouse-point-florida-fl-dentist-and-orthodontist/

Florida Smiles Dental is 5-Star Rated. Read its reviews here: https://floridasmilesdental.com/reviews/ 

​Contact Florida Smiles Dental for a teeth cleaning to keep a healthy smile. Offices are located in Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point.

Florida Smiles Dental's Ft. Lauderdale location is located at 255 SE 14th St #1a Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 . Call  (954) 523-6525.​

Florida Smiles Dental's Lighthouse Point location is located at2211 NE 36th St #201, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064. Call (954) 943-2466

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