Florida Smiles Dental in Lighthouse Point and Fort Lauderdale is Offering Emergency Dental Work to Patients

Dental emergencies such as cracked teeth, veneers, or dental implants are problems that need immediate assistance.

Dental emergencies can't wait. One's health is essential and a priority. Florida Smiles Dental has served Broward County for over 10 years and is available for dental emergencies. Call to set up an appointment at 954-943-2466 for the Lighthouse Point office or 954-523-6525 for the Fort Lauderdale office.

Florida Smiles Dental's message to its patients:

"Your health and well-being are our highest priority. We are available to provide emergency treatments whenever you need immediate care."

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"I am especially grateful for the way their office handled my emergency appointments through the years. Florida Smiles Dental has always responded with kindness and professionalism. I needed help on a weekend, and they saw me right away.

Sarah B., Patient

What constitutes an emergency patients may ask?

Cracked tooth repair

Repairing a cracked tooth is one dental emergency that often cannot wait for regular business hours. Cracked teeth can be repaired by several different methods. The best-suited one depends on the type and location of the crack. Due to the severity of a cracked tooth, the emergency dentists at Florida Smiles Dental offer urgent repair for cracked, chipped and broken teeth.

Emergency Veneer Repair

When a veneer repair is needed, finding an emergency dentist equipped to handle it can be difficult. Veneer repairs aren't always considered an emergency by area dentists, but they can be hazardous. Whether the sharp edge of the broken veneer is cutting the inside of a patient's mouth or they are just embarrassed about how it looks, the weekend dentist is prepared to address emergency veneer repair and placement.

Dental Implants for Missing or Knocked-Out Teeth

Emergency dentists are accustomed to dental implants. When a tooth is severely damaged or lost entirely, dental implants can be a good option. After a tooth is knocked out or needs to be extracted, an emergency dentist may choose to place a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. On-call dentists can place a dental implant to fix a dental emergency in their office, even on a Saturday.

Bonding and Filling

Emergency fillings aren't as common as other repairs but they do happen. Missed signs of infection and intense pain are among the reasons that an emergency filling could be needed. 

Ask for who is seeing patients with dental emergencies all day on Fridays. Veneers, implants, dentures, repairs. Now accepting most insurances.

Florida Smiles Dental's Lighthouse Point office is at 2211 North East 36th St. Suite 201 Lighthouse Point, FL 33064. The Ft. Lauderdale office is at 255 SE 14th St #1a Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. For media inquiries, call 954-943-2466

Source: Florida Smiles Dental