Florida Smiles Dental Introduces Oral Surgeon Dr. Dominic Morel, DMD; Oral Surgeons Can Help Patients Who Are Experiencing Issues with Wisdom Teeth or Jaw Issues

Florida Smiles Dental is happy to introduce their patients in Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point to Dominic Morel, an excellent Oral Surgeon.

Florida Smiles Dental introduces Dr. Dominic Morel, their oral surgeon who practices in both their Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point offices.

Learn about Dominic MorelOral Surgeon, Dominic Morel in Fort Lauderdale & Lighthouse Point, FL | Florida Smiles Dental 

Dr. Dominic Morel obtained his dental degree from the University of Montreal. He then went on to pursue a residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY. He is thrilled to be working with Florida Smiles Dental, helping improve the lives of patients.

What are the specialties of Oral Surgeons? 

Oral Surgeons treat injuries and deformities that affect the mouth as well as the jaw and face. Oral surgeons may also treat infections in the head and neck region, including those that started in the teeth or gums and spread. Some adults have not extracted their wisdom teeth, and it's better to extract them in many cases because they can get a toothache, an infection, or have issues swallowing. Gums around the top of the crowns can become infected and swollen which can cause extreme pain. Oral surgeons also help with complex Dental Implant issues. Oral Surgeons must go through an extra 4-6 years of additional dental training to specialize.

Also, as a very important reminder, Florida Smiles Dental recommends that their patients maximize their dental insurance and/or their flex spending benefits before they run out. Dental insurance plans that patients have may be coming to their year-end. Inquire about this now and take advantage of unused benefits. Patients can call their Florida Smiles Dental office to schedule the treatment they have recommended for their dental health. Teeth cleanings are also benefits covered by insurance. Patients need a routine Dental Cleaning scheduled and now is a great time.

Contact either office closest in order to set up an appointment:

Florida Smiles Dental Fort Lauderdale Location. Call (954) 523-6525Their office is located at 255 SE 14th St #1a Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.

Florida Smiles Dental Lighthouse Point Location. Call (954) 943-2466Their office is located at 2211 NE 36th St. Suite 201 Lighthouse Point, FL 33064.

Florida Smiles Dental is an all-in-one dentistry with solutions to many of the conditions one might have on an everyday basis. From general dentistry, to orthodontics, to more specific issues that should be addressed by one of their specialists, they have their patients' needs covered. Their dedicated staff goes to great lengths to keep peoples' smiles not only bright and beautiful but healthy for years to come. 

Contact Florida Smiles Dental at (954) 523-6525 for the Ft. Lauderdale office, or at (954) 943-2466 for the Lighthouse Point office. Visit www.floridasmilesdental.com

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