Florida Smiles Dental Stresses That Cosmetic Dentistry is Not Just Good for Appearance. It's Good for Health.

Florida Smiles Dental wants to help patients explore dental implant options to improve their smile. Some people need a fresh evaluation of their existing dental implants that they received years ago. Schedule an assessment and a complimentary dental implant evaluation by visiting the Florida Smiles Dental website www.floridasmilesdental.com.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point

Florida Smiles Dental wants people to know that Cosmetic Dentistry is not just about appearance of the teeth, it's about the health of the teeth, removing the impact of years of bad dental health.

Procedures like dental bonding repairs chipped, cracked, or broken teeth to help with chewing and appearance. Veneers help give a brighter and more even smile and can also help stabilize compromised teeth, preventing further damage. Dental implants replace decayed or missing teeth with permanent new teeth to restore a mouth's function and appearance. 

Tooth sensitivity and long-term dental care issues also cause patients to visit a cosmetic dentist for relief and not vanity. According to a study, by the time they hit retirement age about 96% of Americans will experience tooth decay. It's not surprising since many experience enamel loss at abnormal rates. When patients fail to be consistent with practices that prevent tooth decay and plaque build-up, a breakdown of the teeth and their protective coverings occur.

Cosmetic dentists can artificially harden and fill in the damaged part of the tooth so that it looks and functions better eliminating sensitivity and other symptoms.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Worth the Added Cost. The value of a procedure that helps repair years of damage to teeth while also restoring confidence in a smile is close to priceless, according to some patients. Treatment plans should work with the needs of patients' teeth and their pocketbooks.

The cosmetic dentists at Florida Smiles Dental in Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point believe that every patient deserves a chance to have the smile they want. Providing treatments that repair teeth and improve the way patients feel about their smile is the mission of most who choose to go into the cosmetic dentistry field. 

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