Florida Based Merchant Services Provider Offers PIN Pads to Retail Merchants

South Florida based credit card processing company announces the addition of free PIN pads to its free placement program for retail merchants in the U.S. and Canada.

In an expanding digital market, it's critical for growing retail businesses to be able to find and rely on a professional merchant services provider. This can often be a daunting task due in no small part to the large number of merchant services providers out there today.

MagicPay has made it an ongoing goal to address this and other important factors when offering its services. With a philosophy of personalized service that places the client first combined with a strong dedication to innovation, the South Florida-based merchant account services provider is pleased to announce another program to make retail payment processing easier.

MagicPay is proud to be able to offer its retail customers free PIN pads for the life of their account. A retail merchant account with MagicPay has always provided free payment terminal installation, and the addition of the free PIN pad will make credit and debit card processing that much easier for retail merchants.

"We understand the needs and wants of our customers," commented Rami Levi of MP, "and our goal has always been and will continue to be innovative and cost-effective service that can't be beat. Investing in payment processing equipment and services is critical to so many businesses. That's why we've always provided free equipment as well as free marketing and accounting software to our clients."

MagicPay maintains a proactive approach to its merchant services and will do what it takes to not only attract new clients but to keep existing clients happy. The overall goal is to ensure that retail merchants have what they need to do business and do so in an efficient, reliable and cost-feasible manner.

MagicPay can offer a variety of services to retail merchants even if they already have a POS system. With one of the merchant service provider's payment gateways, a retail client can become PCI compliant, save money and increase the ease of the entire payment processing procedure.

When a client uses MagicPay, they get a free retail or wireless credit card processing machine, pin pad and check reader. The company works with such quality equipment partners as Hypercom, VeriPhone and Norit. A MagicPay merchant account allows retailers to accept all major credit cards and to bring a high degree of convenience to their customers. Additionally, the processing rates are low and comfortable for any retailer.

"We are very proud of the fact that our success is based on that of our clients," continued Levi, "it creates a synergy between the merchant and ourselves and drives innovation."

With the new free pin pad offer and other proactive services, MagicPay is doing all it can to ensure the success of its clients. In the highly-competitive and often cut-throat merchant services provider market, it is refreshing to see a company whose philosophy is based on a win win model.

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