Fire Protection Online Now Offers Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Fire Protection Online announces new line of extinguishers including an automatic fire extinguisher for use as part of an updated fire prevention system.

Fire Protection Online, an online retailer of fire safety equipment is announcing a new line of fire extinguishers, including an automatic fire extinguisher.

There are several types of automatic extinguisher, and each uses a different sensory feature and kind of automation. For example, some sensors are manufactured to sense smoke, others rely on heat, and still other are activated when they detect dangerous emissions. When one of these is detected, the automatic extinguisher will begin working on its own.

Fire experts agree that automatic extinguishers - just like sprinkler systems and automatic alarm systems - can help protect homes and businesses during hours when a building is vacant. While automatic extinguishers cannot keep a fire from developing, they can work to contain the fire, keeping it from spreading until the firemen arrive on the scene. They also make evacuation possible during times when the building is occupied.

When selecting an automatic fire extinguisher for your business you should consider the following factors: what extinguisher type will fit your area and what kinds of extinguishing agents are you likely to need in the event of a fire? Some facilities may require several different classes of fire extinguishers. For example, a computer lab, because of the electronics housed there, would require class B and C fire protection, while a bedroom may only require a class A extinguisher.

It is imperative that personnel and those who may need to use an extinguisher know the difference between the different class of fire extinguishers and the types of fires they are able to put out. Using the wrong extinguishing agent can actually cause a flame to spread or increase the intensity of the blaze, causing more damage to personal property and endanger lives.

Extinguishers that contain different agents are designed for different purposes. Water fire extinguishers, for instance, are the most commonly known and widely used extinguishers. They are used for Class A fires that contain burning wood, paper, cloth, and similar materials. More recently, additives have been used in water extinguisher to increase and extinguishers firefighting abilities. With these additives the extinguishers become more effective, and the extinguishers become smaller. Concentrating the extinguishing agents in this way means that smaller extinguishers can be more easily handled by personnel.

Automatic fire extinguishers are used in a variety of business settings. They can help protect expensive farming machinery, rooms that house expensive computer and telecommunication devices, and construction and mining tools. Because of the flammability of these objects, the flames can spread quickly. Without the aid of an automatic extinguishing system, it could be too late by the time a firefighting team arrives on the scene to battle the blaze.

Experts credit automatic extinguishers with saving millions of dollars in property damage and many lives each year. They are an important line of defense in fire protection.

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