Fire Protection Online Introduces CO2 Fire Extinguishers

Fire Protection Online adds line of CO2 fire extinguishers - the only extinguishers recommended for electrical fires. CO2 extinguishers are required in nearly all commercial buildings.

July 15, 2010-Fire Protection Online, an online company supplying fire protection equipment to business and residential customers, announces its latest line of CO2 fire extinguishers.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are the only ones recommended for use with electrical fires. However, they can also be used for putting out flammable liquid fires. Fire Protection Online offers CO2 extinguishers in 2 kg and 5 kg sizes. All of the company's carbon dioxide extinguishers are produced by Thomas Glover and Company, and they are BSi Kitemark to BS EN3 British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) certified.

Fire safety experts approve carbon dioxide extinguishers for use with Class B fires involving flammable liquids like petrol, diesel, solvents, and oils (but not cooking oils) in addition to fires involving electrical equipment like computers, switchboards, and many other types of electrical machinery. It is still recommended that Class A extinguishers, such as water, powder or AFFF fire extinguishers be kept on the premises in the event of wood, cloth, paper and fabric fires.

As the name suggests, CO2 fire extinguishers are filled with carbon dioxide, a gas that is non-flammable. The contents of these extinguishers are under extreme pressure. In fact, the pressure inside the canister is so extreme that it is sometimes possible for small pieces of dry ice to spray from the nozzle. The reason they don't work particularly well on class A fires is that they are not always able to displace enough oxygen to extinguish the fire, which means there is a good chance that a Class A fire might reignite after being sprayed with a CO2 model.

CO2 extinguishers do have an advantage over dry chemical extinguisher models, because they do not leave a harmful chemical residue behind. This makes them an excellent choice for use on electrical equipment like personal computers, stereo and TVs. If the blaze is contained soon enough, you may not need to replace your valuable equipment because of fire damage.

Fire Protection Online offers CO2 models that are painted red with black on top of the label, making them easy to distinguish from other models. As with other extinguishers, all residents or employees should be trained in the proper use of fire safety equipment.

All Fire Protection Online CO2 models are backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Chrome CO2 models are also available from the online store. While these models cannot be BAFE certified because they lack the red paint, they contain the same pressurized contents as the red models. The only difference is a sleeker appearance for use in modern settings where style and appearance are an issue.

In addition to CO2 models, Fire Protection Online offers commercial and residential customer a range of dry chemical, powder, water and foam extinguishers. Also available are smoke detectors, fire blankets, fireproof safes and other fire safety equipment.

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