Fanpictor Announces Carolina Panthers as New Client

Fanpictor announces an agreement with the Carolina Panthers to provide an innovative, new experience that will make Fan Fest 2017 even more fun for football fans and their families. Technology start-up Fanpictor will create a lightshow as part of the live entertainment at the event. The light show will be a glittering mosaic, created and enjoyed by the fans themselves. The light show will take place after the Panthers training session on Friday, August 4th, and will be synched up with music and fireworks – creating a unique fan experience.

Stephan Schuerer, Fanpictor’s founder and CEO said: “We are thrilled to be working with the Carolina Panthers and be part of what will be an unforgettable experience for Panthers fans. The Fanpictor light show will be created by 75,000 smartphones – 75,000 beacons of light in Bank of America Stadium. It’s a great opportunity for fans to really get involved.”

Fans will download the Carolina Panthers app on their smartphones to be part of the light show experience. Using Fanpictor’s proprietary technology, Acoustic NetworkTM, the music will activate the light show over high-frequency sound waves. So when the DJ plays the right song, it’s show time!

About Fanpictor

Fanpictor is a Swiss, cutting-edge technology company that develops innovative digital and on-site fan engagement solutions for both brands and rights holders. They create thrilling, fan-driven experiences that help build durable links between fans, teams, rights holders and brands. Fanpictor's digital tool-box allows our clients marketing and creative teams to develop unique campaigns specific to a single event or a series of games and collect commercially validated data to assess the success of their ideas and level of engagement with different demographics. All Fanpictor solutions are 100% white label. Fans can access them through a specific event app or they can be embedded within an existing brand, league or team app. To find out more about fan engagement and marketing analytics, please visit

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Source: Fanpictor AG