Evolution MPC Travels to Gain Knowledge and Develop Leaders

Evolution MPC's top performers traveled to Tampa for the chance to network with industry leaders and develop their skills. The firm's Codirectors discussed the benefits that come from a corporate travel program.

“Travel is one of the most exciting perks we offer our event managers,” declared Kate S., Codirector of Operations for Evolution MPC. “We schedule regional seminars, cross-training in other offices throughout the country, and even luxurious weekend retreats throughout the year.”

The most recent excursion took Team Evolution MPC to Tampa, Florida, for a national leadership and networking conference. High achievers from across North America were in attendance, discussing the latest trends and techniques in event-based outreach, and sharing best practices from different markets. There were also many social events, including a BBQ. 

“There was a lot of advanced teaching at this event; it was focused more on those who had already achieved some success in our industry and have ambitions of running offices of their own one day,” stated the firm’s other Codirector, David K. “There was a lot of discussion about the administrative side of our business as well. Throughout it all, we were reminded of the power of networking and the importance of leadership mentality.” 

Importance of Evolution MPC Business Trips

Evolution MPC business trips serve a number of purposes for the team members who qualify, Kate explained. “To start, traveling allows us to see new areas, try new foods, and visit historical landmarks. This helps team members relate to a broader group of people, and it’s also a lot of fun!”

“Taking in new sights keeps us from getting bored with our routines,” David affirmed. “We meet new and interesting people while seeing and trying new things. Not only is this good for us mentally, it can have physical benefits too. We might walk a few city blocks or go for a nature hike. Plus, it’s exciting to check out new gyms or see what equipment a hotel’s fitness room might have.”

The biggest benefit, both Kate and David agree, is the opportunity to learn from and network with accomplished leaders in the peer-to-peer marketing field. “When we have the chance to find out what’s working best for industry leaders, and connect with those people, we’re laying a foundation for a successful career journey,” Kate said. “The size and quality of a person’s network are strong indicators of future success.”

About Evolution MPC

Evolution MPC advocates for companies and nonprofits with a focus on social good. The firm’s team members boost impact by creating an on-the-ground presence for partner companies and nonprofits, using methods that combine event-based outreach with personal connections. They use their voices for good, sparking conversation and bringing likeminded people together. Their success has put them in place to expand, letting them make an even bigger impact. The focus at Evolution MPC is to build lasting bonds between people and brands who want to make the world a better place. Visit https://evolutionmpc.com to learn more about all they’ve achieved and how they continue to grow

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