Business and Adventure Unite for Evolution MPC in Australia

The Co-Owners of Evolution MPC, David K. and Kate S., recently returned from an owner's meeting in Australia. They discussed the importance of networking and travel to the firm's success.

"Travel plays an important role at Evolution MPC," stated David. "We use it as both an incentive and a developmental tool, knowing that the money we invest in business trips will pay big dividends down the road."

This was certainly the case for the most recent trip that Co-Owners David and Kate took. Not only did they get the chance to share peer-to-peer marketing strategies with industry leaders from all over the world, this was the first time either of them had been to Australia. 

"The Australian owners have really perfected their approach to event-based outreach campaigns, so it made sense for us and our peers from across the globe to come to them and learn what they know," Kate declared. "I have to admit though, it was really a thrill to finally see Australia! I enjoy travel, and the chance to visit another country is always welcome - especially when it's literally on the other side of the world."

How Company Travel Contributes to Evolution MPC's Success

David and Kate recognize the dangers of complacency when it comes to owning a business. Without consistent growth, a company risks losing its competitive edge and losing relevancy. In a fast-paced, competitive field like on-site fundraising, this is especially true. This is why Evolution MPC's Co-Owners set goals for every facet of the company's operations that impacts growth, including travel. 

"Our company is growing each year, and it's due, in part, to trips like this," Kate explained. "Meeting with our international business partners allows us to spend time maintaining those relationships while learning business practices that work in global markets. This is why we think it's important to go beyond just allowing our team members to travel and actually encouraging it. It's really one of the most effective ways to learn and grow as a professional."

David supported Kate's statement by pointing out several other benefits that this and other Evolution MPC trips provide. For instance, even though his schedule for the Australia trip was packed, David still found time to enjoy the sights and spend time both relaxing and reflecting. "The fresh perspective that always comes from getting away from home is invaluable for staying productive and innovative," he added. "This doesn't just apply to owners; everyone on our team needs a chance to see the world with fresh eyes on occasion. For this and many other reasons, travel is a crucial element of our business strategy." 

About Evolution MPC

Evolution MPC advocates for companies and nonprofits with a focus on social good. The firm's team members boost impact by creating an on-the-ground presence for partner companies and nonprofits, using methods that combine event-based outreach with personal connections. They use their voices for good, sparking conversation and bringing likeminded people together. Their success has put them in place to expand, letting them make an even bigger impact. The focus at Evolution MPC is to build lasting bonds between people and brands who want to make the world a better place. Visit to learn more about all they've achieved and how they continue to grow.

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