Evolution MPC Proud to Partner With Save the Children

The business consultants at MPC are proud to support a cause that is making the world a better place. The firm’s Owner discussed their partnership with Save the Children, as well as the organization’s mission.

“Save the Children is the primary focus of our work at Evolution MPC,” said David Karama, the company’s Owner. “Our commitment to their cause is so great that our firm has been acknowledged as the organization’s number-one fundraiser. We share the same enthusiasm for everyone we serve, of course, but Save the Children has a special place in our hearts.”

Karama explained that Evolution MPC’s campaign work for Save the Children proves to be immensely successful. To date, it has elicited 1600 sponsors and $1.1 million. It’s obvious that the public is highly responsive to the outreach, and the nonprofit thrives as a result. Funding is used quite efficiently and responsibly, with 87 percent of its money used for program services. Eight percent is allocated for fundraising, and the remaining five percent is for management and general operations.

Evolution MPC Owner Provides Overview of Save the Children

“I strongly encourage anyone who isn’t already familiar with Save the Children’s work to learn about this charity’s mission and impact,” Karama continued. “As its name implies, the organization invests in childhood. All over the world, they assist youth in times of crisis and in times of peace. By helping children stay safe and healthy, and ensuring that they receive education, this nonprofit is paving the way for children to be able to get access to what they need to thrive.”

Specifically, Save the Children’s initiatives focus on disaster and emergency response, newborn and child survival, hunger and livelihood, HIV and AIDS, education, and health and nutrition. According to Karama, it all began with a woman named Eglantyne Jebb. Nearly 100 years ago, she witnessed the suffering of children during World War I and began to raise awareness on their behalf. She even wrote the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The League of Nations adopted it, and decades later it shaped the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

“There is perhaps no greater honor than to continue the work Jebb started,” Karama concluded. “Millions upon millions of young lives – in more than 100 countries – have been positively affected by the nonprofit, and we’re humbled to further expand this impact. I think I speak for everyone at Evolution MPC when I say we’re thrilled to give our passion and expertise to Save the Children.”

About Evolution MPC:

Evolution MPC advocates for companies and nonprofits with a focus on social good. The firm’s team members boost impact by creating an on-the-ground presence for partner companies and nonprofits, using methods that combine event-based outreach with personal connections. They use their voices for good, sparking conversation and bringing likeminded people together. Their success has put them in place to expand, letting them make an even bigger impact. The focus at Evolution MPC is to build lasting bonds between people and brands who want to make the world a better place. Visit https://evolutionmpc.com to learn more about all they’ve achieved and how they continue to grow.

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