Evolution MPC is Growing and Keeping It Green

The Directors of Operations for Evolution MPC announced that the firm will be expanding into a new market in the coming months. They will be partnering with an organization that is focused on environmental preservation.

“We are quite excited for this opportunity to work with an organization that shares our concerns about the climate, our planet, and our future,” said David, Evolution MPC’s Director of Operations. “This new partnership aligns with our firm’s environmentally friendly values.”

Kate, another Evolution MPC Director of Operations, concurred. “It’s so encouraging to see other organizations embrace green living,” she stated. “We’ll be working with this partner to promote ways in which as world citizens we can preserve our environment. Our team members are gearing up by learning more about how to make a difference by incorporating best practices into our daily routines.”

Evolution MPC Directors of Operations Share How the Firm Is Committed to Being Green

As Dave noted, Evolution MPC’s operations are geared toward being eco-friendly. “We practice going paperless as much as possible,” he said. “With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to cut down on printing and focus on electronic communications. Another great way to green-up paper consumption is to use recycled paper.”

Kate identified ways in which the Evolution MPC office is greener. “We use as much natural lighting as possible,” she said. “We use energy-efficient lightbulbs and equipment. Our team members are cognizant of how important it is to recycle, to use power-saving modes with their technology whenever possible, and to turn off lights when rooms are not in use.”

“Our work schedule also allows people to use greener methods of getting to work,” Kate added. “This helps reduce the carbon footprint because we’re commuting in more eco-friendly ways. Some of our people ride their bikes to work and carpool to save gas.”

Dave conveyed that as a team, the firm has brainstormed different ways to be mindful of the environment outside of work. “We have some associates who have installed alternative energy sources on their homes, such as solar panels,” he stated. “Others have shared how they’ve cultivated lawns and gardens that work well with our more arid climate here in Tucson. They have drought-friendly plants in rock gardens which require less if any watering. We have also shared tips on composting and recycling that our people have taken to heart.”

“We have one planet to live on,” concluded Kate. “Everything we do has an impact that can last generations. We want our world to be healthy for our children, their children, and the generations to follow. Doing our part to preserve our environment is our passion.”

About Evolution MPC:

Evolution MPC advocates for companies and nonprofits with a focus on social good. The firm’s team members boost impact by creating an on-the-ground presence for partner companies and nonprofits, using methods that combine event-based outreach with personal connections. They use their voices for good, sparking conversation and bringing likeminded people together. Their success has put them in place to expand, letting them make an even bigger impact. The focus at Evolution MPC is to build lasting bonds between people and brands who want to make the world a better place. Visit https://evolutionmpc.com to learn more about all they’ve achieved and how they continue to grow. ​

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