Ethical Integrity: A Key Component of Any Successful Telemetry Technician

Telemetry Tech & Patient

Telemetry technicians or cardiac monitor techs often work on their own, answering to multiple supervisors during each shift. Because this job involves so much autonomy, technicians must be self-directed and vigilant in order to respond appropriately when identifying cardiac arrhythmia. Often, these techs are working with critically ill or elderly patients so their attention to detail and quick thinking can be the difference between life and death.

The National Telemetry Association (NTA) recognizes and upholds the demand for ethical integrity in this particular industry. Because hospitals and doctors need trustworthy and stable technicians, NTA made ethical integrity the foundation of its mission and a core part of its curriculum.

Each and every member who has taken a test through the NTA must adhere to a strict code of ethics. There is no room for mistakes. The second the telemetry technician takes his or her eyes off of the monitors, the patient could develop a life threatening arrhythmia.

It’s because of such high stakes that the NTA felt it necessary to put forth its own code of ethics, by which each certificate holder can base his/her practice.  

NTA Code of Ethics for Members:

Provision 1

The telemetry technician will protect and uphold the patient's comfort, safety, privacy, dignity and rights with compassion.

Provision 2

The telemetry technician's primary commitment is to the expedient analysis and interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias.

Provision 3

The telemetry technician's goal is to act in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary lag time between the recognition of a dangerous rhythm and notification of the proper medical professional.

Provision 4

The telemetry technician has authority, accountability and responsibility for their actions; makes decisions; and takes action consistent within the scope of their practice as delineated by their employer.  

Provision 5

The telemetry technician must take responsibility for promoting the field of Telemetry while collaborating with their peers and pursuing continuing education in the field.

Provision 6

The telemetry technician must continually promote the profession of Telemetry and maintain at least 25 CEU's yearly in the field of cardiac arrhythmias, medication and procedures.

Provision 7

The telemetry technician shall maintain a clean and organized work station with strict attention to the importance of HIPAA rules and regulations.

Provision 8

The telemetry technician will at all times be kind and courteous to fellow peers, treating each member of the team with respect.

Ethical Integrity: A Key Component of the NTA Mission

Mission Statement:

To maintain ever-increasing knowledge base assessment of Telemetry Technicians, to promote patient health and safety through continuing education and clinical skills assessment while adhering to the NTA code of ethics and principles, to increase the knowledge of Telemetry throughout the medical professions and to encourage continual growth and development of the study of Telemetry.

To learn more about the National Telemetry Association or to start your path to certification, visit our website today.

Source: National Telemetry Association


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