ELLIPAL - the Safest and Most Accessible All-in-One Cold Wallet

Meet the ELLIPAL

A new and ambitious cryptocurrency storage wallet is launching for crowdfunding on Indiegogo. ELLIPAL- The Cold Wallet 2.0 was inspired by the problems currently existing in crypto wallets and their need to be plugged in to be useful.

ELLIPAL- The Cold Wallet 2.0 is a hardware storage wallet for various cryptocurrencies and lets users store, recover, exchange or do stay up to date with cryptocurrencies through its companion APP (which only the owner can access).

The wallet is loaded with a number of hardware features such as total isolation (blocks all network connection), internal private key storage, auto-wipe mode (in the event of a breach), cross-chain capabilities and supports multiple currencies which includes, but is not limited to BTC, BCH, ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Furthermore, ELLIPAL, along with its companion APP, employs a unique software system that increases the security even further. With the private key stored safely inside ELLIPAL, every transaction initiated by the APP would require a 2-step verification process with the cold wallet. The verification process is carried out by a QR code which requires no physical connection, making it impossible to steal from ELLIPAL. This well thought out process and technology enhance the security of storage and payment, all without having to sacrifice convenience.

Users are also able to easily recover data, either with their private keys or through the account’s mnemonic passwords. The APP also hosts more features such as providing news updates related to cryptocurrencies, allowing for account management and being able to connect to various exchanges.

The ambitious wallet is available for backing on Indiegogo now; you can find out more on https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ellipal-the-cold-wallet-2-0-with-mobile-app--3#.


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