Fit-Shirt by Y-Curve: The Ultimate Men's Shapewear

The World's Most Advanced Shapewear with Ultra Coating

Gym rats, office workers, and those with bad posture wishing to improve it - rest easy as new fitness wear is here to help you stay fit and help correct your posture. The Fit-Shirt by Y-Curve, The Ultimate Men’s Shapewear has arrived and is available on Kickstarter for anyone wanting to improve posture and look great while doing it.

The project’s goal is to bring a fully featured fitness shapewear shirt, loaded with an unprecedented number of features to help men look better while correcting their posture. Woven from a high-grade wrinkle-free nylon/cotton blend, the Fit-Shirt helps wearers look good and stay fit and healthy. It is designed not to stretch, pushes belly-fat up to flatten the stomach and in turn provide lumbar support to take pressure off the lower back. The best part of it is that it’s hydrophobic, oleophobic, and self-cleaning so most liquids won’t leave a trace while dust, corrosion, and bacteria will not stick to it. And all of this is available for under $50 USD with free shipping!

The Fit-Shirt just launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding, so anyone who is interested in wearing a posture correcting,high-grade shapewear shirt should head over to their Kickstarter campaign page to find out more or order their own Fit-Shirt by Y-Curve before the price rises: Y-curve Kickstarter Campaign Page

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