Duracel & Energizer LookOut - There Is a New Battery in Town - iBackPack PowerPak

An Austin, Texas company, the iBackPack is positioning itself to take advantage a space it claims is being ignored by industry giants Duracel & Energizer. "Both of these energy giants are focusing on AA, AAA or AAAA style batteries when the exploding opportunities lies with those supporting USB" states Doug Monahan, CEO, iBackPack.

While Duracel and Energizer are duking it out in the AA, AAA and AAAA market space, it looks like upstart iBackPack may be seizing a huge opportunity in the $4.6 Billion portable battery space. iBackPack of Texas, Inc. has recently signed long-term USA distribution agreements with Chinese battery giant Belpink as well the largest electronic distribution retailer in China, GOLF.

Susan Chang, Director of USA Partnerships, says "We have been looking for a partner in the USA to allow us to expand our distribution within Wal-Mart, KMart, JCPenneys, Target and BestBuy. We know we can't do it on our own and the iBackPack under the leadership of Doug Monahan allows us to increase our $2 Billion battery sales exponentially."

"Duracel and Energizer remind me of Kodak" says Doug Monahan, CEO, iBackPack. They hold all of the keys in their hand in the mobile space - the same way Kodak did for digital photos - but they are dropping the ball - or better put - not even picking it up."

Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder

The iBackPack is a technology powerhouse. It includes Belpink and Golf's battery and high-tech gadgetry as well as provides WiFi/MiFi communication provided by communication giants AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. The coupling of a wearable technology, powerful batteries and ultra high-speed internet connections give upstart iBackPack a strong chance of success. CJ Hauptmeier, CEO, KPI Analytics, a high-technology research, sales and marketing company exclaims "I speak to dozens of high-tech companies that are claiming to be able to seize a well established market position, but the iBackPack seems to have all of the right technology and be focused on the right market space - mobile."

Those interested in learning more about the iBackPack and perhaps supporting its fledgling business can view their preview page/site on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ibackpack/2042355245?token=9b97

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