iBackPack of Texas, Inc. Embraces Kickstarter for Battery Crowd Funding Efforts

Once again, crowd-funding giant Kickstarter has landed one of the most sought after projects, that of a high-technology backpack developed by Austin, Texas, USA based iBackPack of Texas, Inc. "We are excited about not only the opportunity to raise millions of dollars through Kickstarter, but also to leverage an additional extremely valuable tool - the crowd idea community within Kickstarter" says Doug Monahan, CEO, iBackPack.

​​​​​The iBackPack is a revolutionary new piece of technology encompassed in a normal backpack. Austin, Texas based iBackPack has incorporated WiFi/MiFi capabilities such that anyone carrying the backpack has instant high-speed internet access. Their 20,000 mAh main battery system is capable of recharging any smartphone up to 10 x from scratch, as well as recharge tablets such as the iPad up to 3 fold. The battery systems allow for wireless recharging of the Apple 5, 6 and 6 Plug by merely placing the iBackPack in close proximity of the battery system. Cables used to transfer power are the latest on the market - called smart cables which display a blue hue when completely charged or a red while charging. Car charging systems are included.

The WiFi connection is available by piggy-backing on existing carrier subscriptions through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. While the exact costs for high-speed internet access for the iBackPack remains the responsibility of the mobile carriers - it is estimated to be approximately ten dollars per month. There is an anti-theft system that utilizes GPS technology to automatically inform someone their iBackPack product has been stolen. Android and iOS mobile apps provide autonomous and full-control over all features of the bag. There is a Bluetooth Speaker that provides high-quality audio listening as well as enables individuals to speak through their iBackPack microphones vs. holding same.

"We are counting on the Kickstarter community for both funding as well as their ideas. The users who participate in Kickstarter are extremely keen on the very best technologies to employ" says Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder, iBackPack.

Doug Monahan, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

The backpack itself is filled with over fifty high-tech pockets to store multiple iPhones, Androids, iPads and Android tablets. It can carry up to 4 notebook computers and all of the associated cables and plugs. There is a retractable power-cord, similar to those found in vacuum cleaners, that allows for the easy recharge of the iBackPack primary 20,000 mAh battery and auxiliary 8,000 mAh battery banks.

Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder, iBackPack of Texas, Inc. states "Our new backpack is revolutionary in a great many ways. It provides a communication hub and corresponding electrical powerhouse for students and business professionals alike." Ile Jugovski, Vice President of Operations further reinforces Mr. Monahan's claim by exclaiming " Over ten man-years worth of effort have been invested in the WiFi and battery components alone."

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