iBackPack Expands Kickstarter Relationship

Austin, Texas based iBackPack has announced its plan to further expand its relationship with crowdfunding site Kickstarter. "All of us at iBackPack are excited about the opportunities presented by the Kickstarter community - the Kickstarter team understands how best to introduce and promote high-tech products," states Doug Monahan, CEO and Founder.

For those who haven't been keeping up with the latest news for mobile phones/smart phones/tablets - the Austin, Texas based iBackPack of Texas, Inc. has been shattering new records in the exploding market segment. "I continue to be shocked at the reception for our new iBackPack product - I always knew the product was sensational - but never anticipated the kind of response we are receiving from the internet" claims Ile Jugovski, Vice President,

Austin, Texas based KPI Analytics has been chosen to handle the inbound customer service calls as well as manage all outbound telephone support and sales calls. "I've known Doug Monahan for a number of years - and in fact served as the CEO for his former company Sunset Direct. I am honored he would choose my KPI to assist with the promotional aspects for his rapidly expanding business said "CJ Hauptmeier, CEO, KPI Analytics. "We have a team of fifty people standing by in order to assist with the sales and marketing efforts."

"Once again, Kickstarter has proved their ability to provide both funding and expertise in the high-technology space. I'd recommend for any CEO with a great piece of technology to consider the KickStarter crowd-funding plaform" exhaults Doug Monahan, CEO of iBackPack of Texas, Inc.

doug monahan, Chief Executive Officer

The iBackPack made headlines last week with its announcement to push forward with the distribution of backpacks containing bullet-proof style kevlar in school children, college students and business professionals backpacks. "The San Bernadino shooting left us no alternative other than to move forward with our bullet proof options at a much faster pace"  said "Doug Monahan, CEO.

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