iBackPack Hiring Hundreds in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas based iBackPack is hiring hundreds for full-time employment in order to support the demand for it's high-technology and bullet-proof backpack. There are engineering, customer service, sales, quality assurance and manufacturing positions available.

As the Apple iPhone and Google's Android devices continue to take the world by storm, it is generating hundreds of full-time positions in Austin, Texas. "I am quite excited about adding several hundred full-time employees to our operation" states Doug Monahan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

The iBackPack first introduced its' high technology backpack on crowd-funding site Indiegogo. Within 60 days the company was able to raise over a half a million dollars in pledges. For those unfamiliar with crowd-funding - it provides a vehicle for individuals to pledge monies and support for products that are not currently on the market. Crowdfunding has successfully raised billions via the websites Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

"Our iBackPack technology has been receiving tremendous response through crowd-funding sites such as Indiegogo. We are within the top sixty companies via pledges and raised capital on IGG. Our success is opening many doors for full-time employment in Austin." says Doug Monahan, Chief Executive Officer

Doug Monahan, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

"I am excited to be able to review the resumes/cvs of some of the most talented software engineers, programmers and quality assurance professionals here in Austin" states Duncan Bonnici, Chief Technology Officer, iBackPack. "While other companies are decreasing their presence, it is a wonderful position to be increasing ours." exhaults Ile Jugovski, Vice President.

The iBackPack is a normal backpack which has been equipped with high-technology components include a 20,000 mAh battery system, WiFi/MiFi 3G and 4G communications, an 8,000 mAh back-up battery, Car Recharging system, Smart USB cables, 110V and 220V wall charger to USB power and much more.

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