Dragons & Princess Teach a Lesson in Karma in Award Winning Author, Valerie Pike's "Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain"

Calling all Dragon and Princess Lovers! A Family Friendly Book for this Summertime. Local Author Book Signing at the Open Book at the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, California. July 11, Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain

Author Book Signing this Summer!
Valerie Pike will be signing her children's chapter book June 11th, Sunday at 2:30 p.m. 512 W. Hillcrest Dr.
Thousand Oaks, California at the Oaks Mall
2nd Level Across from Lush & Charming
Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain is the 1st book in her Crimson the Dragon Adventure Series. You can see her website at www.CrimsontheDragon.com. See will be giving out free bookmarks and also selling her Green Smasher the Gold Hoarder poster! 

Author, Valerie Pike, has released her audio book, Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain, narrated by Tracy Turner, on Author's Republic Platform.

This book is fantastic, so much fun to see my daughter eating it up and she loves anything fairytale but she got inspired with this one as the story of Good and evil does take you through the journey of life and helps to dig into oneself a bit and learn some lessons. Great Read, my daughter said if there were 6 stars, she would give this book 6 stars.

Eva Kettles, Fit Buddha Sound Healer

Distribution through Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Findaway, and Audiobooks.com. The book includes 10 chapters in 47 minutes; it is the first in a fantasy/adventure and romance series for boys and girls ages 5 to 10.

Ms. Pike is adapting the book into a play for children's theaters. It has 12 characters and takes place in the Land of Dragons during a long time ago, with the setting in the Kingdom of Nosmir, a place of snowy peaks like the Himalayas, and dramatic seascapes like Iceland or Norway. The lesson is Karma and the theme is to love and be loved.

About the Author

Author, Valerie Pike, is a Creative Writing Award Winner in Adult Fiction of the Art Tales Contest 2013 with her short story, The Ventura Pier at Sunset. Ms. Pike was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and now lives in Ventura, California.

Adventure and Romance lovers can also buy Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain on Amazon.com, Kindle, Nook and Barnes & Noble online. Mrs. Pike’s website is www.CrimsontheDragon.com.

Author's Republic the publisher of the audio book's website is www.AuthorsRepublic.com. You can listen to the 49 minute book at this link.


Valley of Rubies is the 2nd book in the Crimson the Dragon's Adventures series of Fantasy children's chapter book with dramatic conflict and heroic characters. The readers will be transported to another place.

Valley of Rubies was released on NookPress March 20th you can order now and share with family and friends. It is also available in paperback at Barnesandnoble.com

Valerie Pike enjoys writing children’s books, teaching yoga and designing mermaid and dragon scale leggings.  You can follow her websites for her other products at www.CrimsontheDragon.com and www.theYogaBerries.com.

Her 1st book in the series is on amazon.com Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain has 5 star reviews and is also on GoodReads with rave reviews. She is adapting her 1st book into a play. Crimson is going to sing the Blues with a song and a Gong that Ms. Pike has written the lyrics for called Color of the Rubies. She is working with a music composer from Australia. He has written sheet music for a flute and Tingshas Tibetan chimes for the fluttering wings of Flame Twig the Bat Fairy, who is a secret wish-catcher and Princess Penelope's wish for Love being carried up the lonely mountain trail. Valerie's daughter Sydney who is 8 is a huge fan of Flame Twig is helping her mom pick out the perfect name for the song and I believe they have picked the Wish-catcher.

There will be sound effects such as cave dripping water sounds since he is in a cave. Ms. Pike is also working to have ballerinas dance a Ladies of Fire part when the village is burned due to a dragon fight. She is planning her play to have lots of light effects and to be lots of dramatic colors and bright hues that give Crimson the friendly dragon the blues. Ms. Pike has already had four theatres interested to produce her play.


Anime artist Jennifer Lutz is "Classically trained at various art schools throughout Europe, Jennifer Lutz is best known for her brightly colored and cheerful artwork. She has been a working freelance artist for the past ten years and now lives in Portugal with her young family." Jennifer has a degree in fine art from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom and also learned illustration there.

Ms. Pike is also having her 1st book Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain translated to 9 different languages German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, African, & Norweigan with the translation services from Babelcube.com. The 1st book in her series has been translated and published in Spanish and Japanese and they are both available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Tolino, Streetlib, 3M, Baker and Taylor, Follet, Overdrive, Gardners, Chegg, & Google Play.

You can follow the Author for book signings and future plays in theatres.

Twitter @CrimsonRubies

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Source: Barnes and Noble

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