Dr. Heavenly! the Single Woman's Dating Guide

This press release announces a book written by Dr. Heavenly Kimes of "Married to Medicine" on BRAVO. The book is for single women who want to get out of the meat market and date in a values-centered perspective. God and religion are talked about.


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When it comes to her marriage and career, leading Atlanta dentist and TV personality Dr. Heavenly Kimes means business. The medical maven has the husband, the kids and the success - all thanks to finding the perfect partner and her incredible work ethic.

Dr. Heavenly Times , Television Personality



Dr. Heavenly Expands Her Wings –and Her Dreams

“The Business of Love” - a MUST-READ for the single lady!

From earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, to being a devoted wife, the beautiful Dr. Heavenly Kimes, a fan favorite on BRAVO’S blast off reality show “Married to Medicine,” does not count her blessings, she shares them.

Dr. Heavenly says, “My purpose on this world is to discover my gifts, develop them, and share them with the world.”

The ever-productive Dr. Heavenly Kimes not only says what she means, but she

means what she says – Her latest self-help book, entitled “The Business of Love” teaches women to find loving relationships. “This book gives women the tools to help them find the man of their dreams,” said Dr. Heavenly.

Being the third book authored by Dr. Heavenly, The Business of Love is the good doctors’ first foray into the dating game.

A “Must read for the Single Lady”, Dr. Heavenly Says,” The same as with any good business, keep your goal in mind, come up with a plan, then execute! You must stop searching for the right man and become the right woman so Mr. Right can find you!”

In  collaboration with her new book, Dr. Heavenly Kimes has  started a innovative new Online Dating App  www.PiQ.dating  which allows you to see your potential date only after you’ve been able to assess important characteristics.

Dr. Heavenly has been happily married to Dr. Damon Kimes for nearly 20 years

and has three kids and three dogs. For more info on Dr. Heavenly and her products,

events, and services please visit DrHeavenly.com.



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