Ditch the Bland, Overpriced Mother's Day Gifts: A Passionflix Subscription Offers More Heat Than a Candle and More Beauty Than a Bouquet of Flowers for Just $5.99/month

Ready to make some Mother's Day magic? The new romance-on-demand platform Passionflix offers dozens of romance flicks all month for less than the cost of a single movie ticket.

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​From tried-and-true romcom favorites to exclusive, sexy dramas, Passionflix has it all, making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Why spend hundreds of dollars for an hour at the spa or a crowded brunch when, for a mere $5.99 a month, gift-givers can give mom a virtual vacation that will last long after May 13?

In addition to classic favorites like Pride & Prejudice and Meet Joe Black, a subscription to Passionflix grants exclusive access to an ever-expanding collection of irresistible book-turned-movie heartmelters and with Passionflix’s website and mobile app, busy moms can take the fun anywhere they go.

Named BuzzFeed's best last-minute Mother's Day gift created by women.

Elphaba Anne, Community Contributor

In steamy Hollywood Dirt, viewers can be transported to small-town Georgia while freezing in the tee-ball bleachers and watch feisty southern belle Summer (Emmy Rigby) wrestle with growing feelings for her hot millionaire co-star Cole (Johann Urb).

In Afterburn/Aftershock, moms can get immersed in the world of Italian restaurants, politics and ex-boyfriends while packing school lunches and see what happens when businesswoman Gia Rossi’s (Caitlin Leahy) former flame Jackson Rutledge (Tyler Johnson) threatens to steal her business ... and her heart.

The Trouble with Mistletoe offers Christmas joy even in the warmth of spring when Keane Winters (Thomas Beaudoin) reappears in pet shop owner Willa Davis’ (Rachel Melvin) life, cat carrier and years worth of history in tow right in time for the holidays.

The latest project from Passionflix, The Matchmaker’s Playbook, can bring viewers back to college while they’re sitting in the kindergarten carpool line when former NFL player Ian (Nick Bateman) tackles with his attraction to college student Blake (Caitlin Carver) while trying to take her from frumpy to fabulous and land the guy of her dreams.

With no commercials and specially tailored categories (such as the Barometer of Naughtiness movie rankings ranging from “Oh So Vanilla” to “NSFW”) and genres (like Fairytales & Fantasy and Tissues & Ice Cream), giving mom a break from cartoons and fingerpaints has never been easier.

Founded by Tosca Musk, Jina Panebianco and Joany Kane in 2016, Passionflix is committed to celebrating women with different dreams, backgrounds and personalities. For anyone looking for something unique, affordable and overflowing with love this Mother’s Day, the gift of Passionflix is the perfect choice.

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