Digilant and Netsertive Partner to Personalize Marketing Experiences Based on Real-Time Mobile Location Data

Digilant to leverage Netsertive's dynamic localization technology for enhanced creative relevance and performance

Netsertive + Digilant

Digilant, an omnichannel advertising services company, and Netsertive, a marketing technology provider that enables multi-location businesses to execute localized digital marketing at scale, announced their partnership to deliver dynamically localized media ads based on real-time and privacy-safe location data. The partnership makes it easy for multi-location brand advertisers to deliver omni-channel and hyper-localized experiences at scale. 

With the deprecation of third-party cookies and new data privacy laws, brands must rethink their targeting and personalization strategies to achieve results while honoring customer privacy. Digilant and Netsertive tackle this challenge by leveraging first-party and anonymized third-party data, and combining them with dynamic creative to personalize the digital experience for local consumers. The solution delivers a stronger brand solution, a hyper-relevant advertising experience for local consumers and, ultimately, greater performance for brand marketers. 

"The way marketers handle personalization at scale is changing," said Brendan Morrissey, CEO and co-founder, Netsertive. "Data and integrations are more important than ever to stay ahead of changes and we're excited to partner with Digilant to deliver hyper-localized creative and personalized experiences at scale." 

"We are excited to partner with Netsertive and incorporate dynamic advertising solutions in our localized campaigns," said Wesley Farris, VP of Partnerships at Digilant. "Netsertive's advanced display, video, and dynamic creative capabilities enable us to improve the relevance and performance of our campaigns by precisely targeting audiences in the right place at the right time with the right offer based on real-time data like location and weather." 

To learn more about how Netsertive's marketing technology solution can help your multi-location business acquire more local customers online, please visit www.netsertive.com

About Netsertive:

Netsertive is a digital marketing technology provider that enables brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized digital marketing at scale. Over 1,500 retailers, franchises, auto dealers, and media companies trust Netsertive's award-winning technology and team to execute localized digital marketing, search engine optimization, and web solutions at the local level. Learn how Netsertive helps multi-location businesses quickly launch a localized marketing tech stack at www.netsertive.com.

About Digilant

Digilant is an omnichannel advertising partner built to take advertisers from now to next. We do this with omnichannel digital advertising strategies that are data-driven, actionable, and effective. Part of ISPD, Digilant is made up of 100+ data-driven media minds and advertising technologists spread across U.S. offices in Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. By combining big ideas with scale, we are well-equipped to champion consumer insights, campaign analysis, and media initiatives that propel brands and agencies forward. Visit us at digilant.com to learn more.

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About Netsertive

The Localized Digital Marketing Partner for Multi-Location, Franchise, and Automotive Brands.Our technology enables localized digital marketing experiences at scale through localized content, advertising, insights and our expert account team.

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