Despite Golden Globes, Record Breaking Series on Amazon to Officially Return for Second Season

With almost no following prior to its premiere on Amazon this past June, the once unknown show catapulted in popularity, and is now being renewed after popular demand.

'Back Stabber' season 1 was a breakout success

​Released with a final budget of under $1700, and falling just short of this year's final list of nominees for The Golden Globe Awards, the breakout series on Amazon became a dark horse for a low budget TV series.  ‘Back Stabber’ had almost no following leading up to its release on Amazon this past June, yet soon exploded into headlines for its record breaking low-budget and it's controversial commentary on societal issues.

Though initially drawing in audiences for its core messages of LGBT acceptance, anti-bullying and equality, it was the shows final 11-episode-budget of $1700 that skyrocketed ‘Back Stabber’ into the headlines. According to Hype Magazine, hundreds-of-thousands of people streamed and downloaded the series on Amazon, quickly making it one of the most popular shows on the streaming platform

‘Back Stabber’ was created by 27-year-old first time film maker Ryan Zamo, who first wrote the show over 8 years ago in film school as a project, he said, “Although it finally landed on Amazon, I cannot clarify enough that it is not an Amazon Original Series, rather an independently produced series airing on Amazon. Most people get that confused, and are perplexed as to why there wasn’t a larger budget…the answer is simple: Amazon had nothing to do with it. Amazon and Amazon Studios have no connection to 'Back Stabber' besides hosting the show on their platform.” Though the young producer still has not found any investors for season 2, he says he will use the remaining funds from season 1 to bring in bigger named actors.

Already expressing interest in playing the lead roles in season 2 of ‘Back Stabber’ are; The Emmy Award nominated actress and star of Netflix’s break out series ‘Stranger Things’, Catherine Dyer; singer and star of ‘Pitch Perfect’,  Anna Kendrick; and ironically after getting fired for issues surrounding the LGBT community; Susan Olsen from ‘The Brady Bunch’. Larger names in the industry also talking with producers are; Cameron Diaz, Kristin Chenoweth, Dave Franco and Levi Dylan, the grandson of the iconic Bob Dylan.

Final casting for season 2 of 'Back Stabber' is still underway, but the show is set to begin production in late March, and the show’s producers are aiming for a mid-November release date.   

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