Denver Connections' Team is Dominican Republic-Bound

Individuals from Denver Connections will soon enjoy a weekend in the Dominican Republic as part of the annual Rest & Relaxation retreat. The company's President also discussed how the team makes the most of their group gatherings.

Yulma, Denver Connections’ President, announced that Mike Martone, assistant manager, would accompany her on this trip to Punta Cana. To qualify, Mike had to achieve specific milestones this year, as well as demonstrate leadership abilities and commitment to the company’s mission. 

As Yulma and Mike pack for this international destination, Yulma noted they were looking forward to so many opportunities in store once they arrive. One of the most beneficial parts of this trip is networking with people from all parts of the world, including different divisions. As she explained, these encounters can open doors to learn about the sales and marketing industry on a much broader level. In addition to new connections, Yulma is excited to reunite with colleagues from other regions with whom she’s formed bonds at past events.

Of course, rest and relaxation is the theme, and Yulma noted there will be no shortage of that in the Dominican Republic. From basking on the beach and taking in the warm weather, to the all-inclusive food and drink, it will be a trip to remember. Recalling an adventure from last year, in which attendees took a boat cruise and snorkeled in the Caribbean Sea, Yulma is hoping to add another fun excursion to this year’s experience. 

Denver Connections’ President on Team Bonding Experiences and How to Make Them Successful

Yulma shared that while this R&R retreat is a signature event for which everyone at Denver Connections vies to attend, there are plenty of other team retreats throughout the year that keep this group tightknit. Events such as weekly dinners or activities and attending conferences and regional trainings together all help maintain the positive rapport amongst promotional experts.

As Yulma noted, a successful team function requires planning. Each event should have a specific budget. For a more focused retreat, a best practice is to put together an agenda centered around the goals that the team is to complete. Some gatherings may be geared more towards attaining a specific skill or arriving at a solution to a challenge. Others might be more informal with the priority on building relationships. 

Of course, whether it’s a trip or an in-house meeting, the main goal of any team retreat should be to re-set energies and emerge even more motivated than ever.

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