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Yulma, President of Denver Connections, has announced a hiring initiative to help fill the company's roster after months of expansion. She discussed the traits of an ideal candidate and the advantages of joining the team.

Denver Connections has been increasing the scope of its operations steadily for some time now, and Yulma is eager to fill several key positions that have opened up due to the company’s growth. Bringing new people on board and helping them achieve their personal and professional potential is one of the most enjoyable elements of her job, according to Yulma.

She does look for some specific traits in potential team members that show they will thrive in Denver Connections’ fast-paced, team-oriented environment. One of the most important qualities is a positive attitude; this is the spark that all people need to begin any worthwhile journey, career or otherwise. Also, Yulma looks for those who can demonstrate that they have the determination to see goals through to the end. These two soft skills are actually more important than work history, background, or experience, because of the company’s comprehensive training system.

How Denver Connections Provides a Pathway to Professional Success

All members of Team Denver Connections are given opportunities to acquire the skills needed to lead in business. The curriculum, known as the Young Entrepreneur Program, provides hands-on training, workshops, and most importantly coaching. This one-to-one guidance allows experienced associates to share their wisdom when it comes to succeeding in sales and marketing. 

Novice team members earn as they participate in Denver Connections’ entry-level training program as well, ensuring that they are free to focus on learning what it takes to thrive in their roles. The supportive environment complements the competitive compensation offered to learners. As they complete the program, people find they are prepared not only with job skills, but leadership competencies as well.

To complement the training to which  the firm’s team members gain access, Yulma is committed to promoting managers from within. As associates master the skills of their positions, they advance. The company is structured using a franchise model that allows the most dedicated team members to eventually launch offices of their own in new markets.

Yulma and the Denver Connections team are beginning 2019 with incredible momentum, and are excited to bring a select few professionals on board to help them maintain this forward energy all the way through to 2020. Anyone interested in more information should visit the company’s Careers page.

About Denver Connections: 

Denver Connections is a full-service marketing and consulting firm. The team of brand ambassadors uses interactive sales promotions to help companies enter new markets. They employ unique outreach channels that produce notable results. Their approach creates engaging brand experiences. With these, Denver Connections builds strong links between the products they promote and targeted consumers. Thanks to its history of success, the firm has built a large product portfolio, including firms ranging from startups to global brands. To learn more about how the team empowers business growth, visit

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