Denver Connections Finding Growth in Business Travel

Business travel makes a significant impact on the success of Denver Connections. The firm's President and head of human resources discussed the team's latest trip, and the benefits it yielded - especially in terms of leadership.

"This month, some of our top team members went to the top leader's conference," said Mackenzie, Denver Connections' head of human resources. "The event took place in Dallas, Texas. Attendees gained so much knowledge from the opportunity to travel and see the industry at large."

Mackenzie indicated that functions like the conference provide extensive networking possibilities. By forming and maintaining relationships with influential leaders, they gain valuable insights. The Denver Connections professionals apply every lesson to their leadership efforts within the office.

"It's important to connect with others and discuss the best practices in place throughout the country," stated Yulma, the firm's President. "We explore all sorts of business-related topics. They range from market trends and strategic planning to consumer psychology and team management."

Denver Connections President Emphasizes Leadership Development Through Conference Attendance

Leadership was the central theme of the conference, so just about every informational session and networking discussion centered on the subject in some way. This suited Team Denver Connections perfectly, because the group is full of driven individuals who are committed to expanding their career potential.

"There are many qualities our people must master before they can be promoted to leadership," Yulma continued. "For example, frontrunners must know how to delegate work. It's more than a matter of distributing assignments. They must understand the strengths and interests of their people, and give tasks that align with those strengths and interests. This approach keeps everyone focused and inspired."

According to Yulma, effective communication is another requirement for successful leadership. During the conference, team members practiced speaking clearly and concisely, listening attentively to others, and using body language. Their improvements are evident in their day-to-day activities back at the office.

"We're all growing as a result of the Dallas event," Yulma indicated. "The experience also sparked greater camaraderie throughout the team. It's a welcome bonus. I often see heightened cohesion when we enjoy our usual group activities, such as dinners and bowling. These outcomes are multiplied after a days-long industry event!"

"It's a pleasure to see the world in such great company," concluded Yulma. "As we settle back into our routines, and our performance and productivity soar, we're already looking forward to the next big trip!"

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