Denver Connections Offers Travel Perks to Top Leaders

Select team members from Denver Connections recently traveled to attend a Top Leader's Conference in Dallas, Texas. Those who attended qualified for the trip by participating in activities that raised the bar on objectives.

“The Top Leader’s Conference is one of the highlights of our year,” said Yulma, Denver Connections’ President. “It’s great to see how much excitement this generates in our office.”

As Yulma noted, Denver Connections team members vied for the opportunity to be selected for this travel perk. “Everyone in our office really stepped up their game,” she explained. “It was amazing to see our entire team come together and partake in healthy competition. It’s a testament to our team’s motivation and inspiration.”

The Top Leader’s Conference is a stepping stone for individuals who are on track for advancement within the firm. “Everything about this event is geared toward professional development,” Yulma explained. “There’s a pretty strong learning component involved. Attendees had a chance to listen to speakers and participate in breakout sessions that helped them better understand the overall picture. There’s a lot to learn about our industry and the products and brands we promote.”

Networking is one of the most important features with this Top Leader’s Conference. “Those who qualified to attend met with other leaders and influential businesspeople who can help shape their careers,” Yulma said. “They make some key connections that will be important to them as they grow professionally. Most key, they learn how our business provides a support system to ensure their long-term success.”

Denver Connections’ President on the Advantages of Networking at Conferences

“In our Denver Connections office, we place emphasis on networking as part of our learning environment,” Yulma noted. “These conferences offer a perfect environment in which to practice the techniques necessary to connect with others.”

To aid in the team’s networking success, Yulma suggested a few tactics that are effective at these events. “It’s always a good idea to find out who else will be attending and making plans to meet,” she said. “At the conference, one practice is to invite different people you encounter to join you for a meal or beverage. The more people you can gather together, the more connections everyone can make in a more informal setting.”

“Conferences tend to be one of the ongoing learning opportunities our people look forward to,” Yulma concluded. “The benefits we receive as individuals and as a firm make these investments worthwhile.”

About Denver Connections:

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