Democratic Candidate, Michael Muscato, Raises More than $120,000 in Q4 Congressional Filing Report, Challenging Rep. Debbie Lesko

Michael Muscato

​​​​The campaign for Michael Muscato filed the Q4 Congressional fundraising report with the FEC on Friday, revealing he’s a top fundraiser among all Democratic challengers facing an incumbent member of the House Judiciary Committee.

The latest FEC filing report reveals Muscato, running in Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District, raised $123,366 from individuals, none of which came from special interest groups. The donations also came from more than 1500 individuals, according to the filing. 

The Q4 FEC report also reveals Rep. Debbie Lesko struggled to raise money compared to other incumbent Republican members of the House even as President Donald Trump named her to serve on his impeachment team. 

Lesko raised $38,000 from special interest groups in Q4 and only $78,814 from individuals. Lesko also transferred more than $200,000 from her previous political campaigns.

Opensecrets found nearly half of the money Lesko raised - $137,300 - was from PACs. Less than 200 individuals donated to her campaign. The demographics also reveal women are not moving to support Lesko, with only 32 percent of her individual donations coming from women.

In addition, only 3 percent of her donations - or $10,330 - came from residents in District 8, while close to 60 percent of her donations came outside of Arizona, according to Opensecrets.

Muscato says this latest fundraising report proves Lesko doesn’t have strong Republican and Independent support in District 8.

“This FEC report shows the West Valley and the country are turning away from blind loyalty to party and politicians, and supporting our message of working for everyone as Americans,” said Muscato. “Arizona is now a purple state. Blindly following Republican talking points is not what our District wants, needs, or deserves. We need independent thinkers who understand the needs of the West Valley - someone willing to work as hard as they can every day to make our lives better.” 

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating to Muscato’s campaign can join the hometown movement by clicking here.

Twitter Driving Donations to Muscato for Congress Campaign 

Muscato’s Twitter account is receiving national attention and receiving donations from followers on social media. He raised $30,000 in campaign donations from voters of all parties in the last quarter.

At the same time, his Twitter followers increased to more than 30,000, accumulating more followers at a faster rate than Lesko’s Twitter account in December at a time when President Trump was promoting her on Twitter and the national media.

“Lesko isn’t running for re-election on solutions to our problems or ideas to help solve them,” said Muscato. “Lesko is relying on her loyalty to the president helping to elevate her profile, fund her campaign, and retain her seat. I’m running for office to represent everyone in this District regardless of political party affiliation. The first and most important job of our Representative is to protect and defend the Constitution. There is no candidate more suited to represent our District than myself - born and raised right here.” 

The 8th Congressional District covers the West Valley from New River south to Goodyear and from Peoria west past the Sun Cities. It includes Luke Air Force Base and is within Maricopa County.

About Michael Muscato

36-year-old Michael Muscato is not a career politician. He’s a husband, father of two children, son of public school teachers, brother to a US Army Captain and part of a hard-working family that was born and raised in District 8.

Muscato is a former professional baseball player, drafted by the New York Yankees out of Glendale Community College, and a small business owner within the District. For the past decade, Muscato has held an established career as a Video Director and Crew Chief for major music artists such as Rihanna, Drake, Neil Young, and most recently the Fortnite World Cup.

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Source: Muscato for Congress

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