Conflict Resolution and Mediation Firm, Leadership12, Launches Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to Help Businesses Comply With Recent New York Law

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Firm, Leadership12, Launches Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to Help Businesses Comply With Recent New York Law

New York State has passed a law requiring all businesses - with four or more employees - to provide mandatory sexual harassment policies and prevention training. The State has also issued an “Employer Toolkit” that provides training materials and guidance for employers who don’t have a plan in place.

In response to the new law, the advisory and training firm, Leadership12, has launched a new three-part course on sexual harassment policy and training to help businesses ensure they are in compliance.

Leadership12’s program - titled “Safe Workplace Series” - is designed to cover the new legislation and the material suggested in New York’s model training program. On the heels of the #MeToo movement, the program is a workshop training series that promotes diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

The New York law states that sexual harassment training must be interactive and completed by October 2019. From that point on, all employees and contractors must be trained on an annual basis.

Leadership12 co-founders, Elizabeth Clemants and James Kornbluh, say the “Safe Workplace Series” uses #MeToo as a starting point for healthy and productive learning for C-Suite Executives, HR, D&I leaders and workers from all industries.

Clemants and Kornbluh have a combined 40+ years of experience with conflict mediation, leadership training, legal negotiations and coaching in personal and professional growth.

“This new state law will help businesses - small and large - be better protected from sexual harassment lawsuits while also laying the groundwork for actual prevention,” Clemants explained. “This training can help businesses both demonstrate they have taken the initial steps to create a safe work environment for employees while also beginning to conversations with their staff about whether in fact they feel safe, respected and those around them are maintaining healthy boundaries. At Leadership 12, we use Circle Technology to promote safety, trust and skill building.”

Kornbluh says their services are targeted for leaders in business and social enterprise who find themselves or their teams embroiled in workplace conflict, team division, or other large rifts that appear in work settings related to gender dynamics.

“The ‘Safe Workplace Series’ offers a number of insights on the power of leadership to define diverse and inclusive culture, and the power of personal responsibility to cultivate a safe workplace,” Kornbluh said. “We also instruct workers on how to set - and maintain - healthy boundaries around sex and power in workplace relationships.”

Executive Confidential Advice

The main service Leadership12 will offer is “executive confidential” advisory-based services. This includes confidential advice ranging from assessing a crisis or tense situation in the workplace to mediation and coaching services for leaders to find the proper reparative resolution and put into place the mechanisms for prevention.

Another key message that Clemants and Kornbluh hope business owners and professionals take away from their program is the ability to harness their own skills to bring out the best of their teams in the way of talent and diversity.

Leaders and business owners interested in enrolling in Leadership12 training can see a full list of programs at, and they can sign up here.

About the Founders

Elizabeth Clemants has more than 22 years of experience mediating conflict between managers and employees. She’s been a certified mediation trainer for the New York State Unified Court System since 2000. She’s also been featured as a conflict-resolution expert with Crain’s New York, Inc Magazine, PIX11 Morning News and Female Entrepreneur.

James Kornbluh practiced law for 20 years and has been a law professor with experience in mediating business conflicts and advising and facilitating cultural evolution in professional environments. He holds decades of experience as a mediator, strategist, negotiator, and coach.

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