Compass Events Recruits and Builds Team for 2016

As 2015 comes to an end, the managers at Compass Events, an interactive marketing firm, are planning ahead for 2016. They are gearing up to add to their current team of professionals and strengthen group bonds at the same time.

“We’re expanding due to increased business,” noted Samantha, Compass Events’ Director of Operations. “Therefore, we’re currently recruiting new team members.”

As Samantha shared, the Compass Events managers are in search of candidates who possess the following skills. “We’re primarily looking for motivated individuals who are eager to learn,” she said. “We look for professionals with a positive outlook, who embody our core values such as integrity and passion for what they do.”

"We are a collaborative group,"

Samantha , Director of Operations

One of the key factors Samantha elaborated on was the candidates’ abilities to work well in a team-based setting. “We are a collaborative group,” she added. “Our culture is founded on a cohesive team mentality. As such, we spend considerable time enhancing our communication skills. We bond over events like team dinners and celebrations when goals are met. It’s important that whoever joins our team is ready to work well with others.”

Samantha advised that to foster growth, the team often establishes group goals in addition to individual metrics. “We want to encourage everyone to help each other succeed,” she explained. “Therefore, we’ve set objectives that require teamwork. This incentivizes everyone to be more attuned with what each member is doing and not work in silos.”

Compass Events Managers’ Tips for Hiring Quality Team Members

With Compass Events’ recruitment process underway, Samantha stated that the firm’s managers have collected a few tips on how to interview candidates in order to reveal their soft skills. “Interviewers often look at résumés and other qualifications when determining who would be the best hires,” she elaborated. “It’s also important to identify soft skills, like their abilities to lead or work on a team.”

Samantha proposed asking questions about a candidate’s experiences working in a team-based setting. “This will provide you with a wealth of insights into how well this person interacts with others,” she said.

Another key question is focused on the ability to ask for help. “People who are afraid to ask others for assistance are probably not growth minded,” Samantha clarified. “This signifies either a lack of humility or someone not willing to learn.”

“The most important consideration when hiring someone is how well he or she will fit with your team,” Samantha concluded. “This is even more valuable than skill set.”

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