Compass Events on the Value of Giving Back to the Community

At Compass Events, a leading interactive firm in the Toledo region, philanthropy is not a once-a-year activity. The firm's managers described how giving back is part of the culture, with benefits all around.

“Since our firm was founded, we’ve made giving back something we do year round – not just during the holidays,” said Samantha, Compass Events’ Director of Operations. “We believe we have an obligation to help our community. In reality, we get as much as we receive in the process.”

Samantha noted that from a business perspective, helping charitable organizations does more than feel good. “There is a decided positive impact that you get from this experience,” she shared. “First, your firm gains recognition as a good neighbor. Customers and other businesses are more likely to support companies that are willing to lend a hand to enrich their communities.”

"There is a decided positive impact that you get from this experience,"

Samantha, Director of Operations

“Second, it’s a great networking opportunity,” she added. “You meet people from other like-minded firms while you’re working together for a great cause. These connections help build your professional network.”

As far as team bonding, Samantha suggested that volunteering has brought the Compass Events’ team closer. “When you’re giving back, whether it’s serving at a site or raising funds, you’re engaged in something that is selfless,” she explained. “When you’re sharing in the experience, it breaks boundaries and allows your team to become closer. This benefits the entire organization because it promotes stronger collaboration and team cohesion.”

Compass Events Managers Discuss How to Involve Teams in Philanthropy

Samantha noted that team buy-in is vital if philanthropic efforts are to be successful. “We want everyone to feel good about the cause we’re supporting and how we’re helping,” she shared. “Therefore, we include them in the planning process.”

“We also set goals for fundraising and volunteering,” she noted. “For example, if we’re doing a food drive, we’ll establish an amount of food we want to collect in terms of boxes or pounds. We’ll track our progress, just like we would with any campaign, and adjust accordingly if needed.”

According to Samantha, there are many ways to give back to the community. “The possibilities are limitless,” she said. “For instance, you might consider throwing a seasonal party for kids at a children’s hospital or collecting valentines for residents in a nursing home or VA hospital. You might help underprivileged students with homework.”

“Don’t forget to consider your firm’s core values and abilities,” she noted. “If you’re an accounting organization, you might volunteer to help people with financial literacy.”

“Volunteering is a win-win for everyone,” Samantha concluded. “At Compass Events, we’re happy to be part of making our community a better place to live.”

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