Common Fibers Launches New Website

With the launch of a new website, Common Fibers launches new products at new lower prices.

New Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Common Fibers has had many successes since its conception in 2014. From its initial hinge idea to its incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, Common Fibers started with a bang and continues to do so. With so many exciting things to come in the near future, CF strives to showcase original designs and developments. Common Fibers is proud to announce a brand new, sleek, and streamlined website. 

The new website offers a clean, easy-to-use interface. Finding a product or information you want has never been easier. The simple design allows the user to truly appreciate the carbon fiber technology by Common Fibers' minimalist approach. Without any noise or unnecessary fluff, CF shines the spotlight on their innovative technology. 

With past notable launches such as The Coolest Fanny, to limited addition wallets, Common Fibers' new website is the hub for all your carbon fiber information. Common Fibers' website will be updated regularly with new products, DIY project information, and composite customization's. Visitors are encouraged to subscribe to Common Fibers' mailing list to receive all the latest information. 

Source: Common Fibers

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