Introducing Common Fibers BluTube Speakers

Common Fibers launches The BluTube as an April Fools joke, but it quickly becomes a success.

BluTube in Action

Common Fibers launched three carbon fiber Bluetooth speakers with three different sized speakers, wireless charging, USB phone charging capabilities, and fully waterproof called The BluTube MAX/MICRO and BluZuka on April 1. Over the weekend 8,000 people visited and showed their support for the product.  With the quick amount of interest, Common Fibers plans to launch The BluTube on their website  in early Summer.

Common Fibers welcomes home the year by introducing a fully carbon fiber Bluetooth speaker.  The BluTube can keep music playing all day, charge your phone, open beers, and charge wirelessly.  These features are mounted on an 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber body.

"I need this in my life! Where can I buy one?"

The CEO of Common Fibers took the first prototype with him on a trip to the golf course this past weekend and put it to the test.  While on the green, the BluZuka entertained people waiting their turn to tee off, charged four phones, and was the perfect way to pump the toons.  Over the course of the weekend, many potential customers expressed their interest in the product, some going as far as to say “I need this in my life! Where can I buy one?”

The BluTube was created as an April Fools joke but has gained so much interest that Common Fibers is developing a production version to be launched on their website. Currently they are taking sign ups to judge interest on features and the sizes people want. The BluTube MICRO, MAX and the BluZuka will be sold for around $100, $200, and $300 respectively.

Common Fibers designs and develops advanced consumer goods with the industry’s only fully carbon fiber design.  Utilizing their patented CF-Lex™ technology, Common Fibers plans to increase access to composites by expanding their use through the design of simple, functional and disruptive products.  While becoming the leading name in the carbon fiber consumer goods space, Common Fibers utilizes its team’s expertise to maintain integrity while keeping it simple, doing more with less, and focusing on the customer.

Source: Common Fibers

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