Thundrblade - Worlds First Electric Inline Skate

Project raises $20K on IndieGoGo in the first 24 hours!

Thundrblade Product Image

Common Fibers has partnered with Brasil's Thundrblade to launch the worlds first electric inline skate on IndieGoGo. With features such as regenerative braking, a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and a full carbon fiber frame these skates are sure to give you fun for years to come. Launching at 10 a.m. on Thursday the IndieGoGo campaign has already raised 21% of its $100,000 goal.

With a powerful, seamless experience of skating, Thundrblade is the next evolution of skates just as much as motorcycles were for bicycles. Uphills are officially fun, downhills are safe thanks to our regenerative braking system and with a wireless controller, there is no need to worry about cracking your phone screen. With a convenient swappable battery system, you can change on the fly for an unlimited range. You can also skate normally thanks to Thundrblade's exclusive motor disengage system making Thundrblade a real human-electric hybrid. Whether commuting to work, grabbing a few groceries or just leisure riding, Thundrblade now makes it easier than ever.

Daniel Souza, Thundrblade CEO, has spent years turning his idea into a reality and with the help of Seattle's Common Fibers, the skates are ready to go! Thundrblade is a "Frame System" which means all the electronics, batteries and motors are inside the frame. You can use your preferred skate boot with Thundrblade or you can get the Complete Setup off of IndieGoGo that includes high-end carbon fiber skate boots so you can Thundrblade right out-of-the-box.

Common Fibers designs and develops products utilizing fully carbon fiber designs.  While becoming the leading name in the carbon fiber consumer goods space, Common Fibers is excited to partner with Thundrblade to bring this amazing idea to reality. With Common Fibers' help, your pair of Thundrblades will hold up to years of use.

Source: Thundrblade

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