Christmas Bells Are Ringing! Lazy Monk Comes With a Hard to Refuse Offer for the Exercise Ball

​Lazy Monk is a young brand, founded on the desire of being different. The newly founded company has managed to gain a high level of popularity in a short amount of time.  Christmas is just around the corner and shoppers have already been introduced to the year’s promotions. The Lazy Monk team became part of the wave, announcing their very own Christmas promotion for the Exercise Ball. The brand is ready to spoil clients with a 60% discount for any Exercise Ball set. In addition, all customers will receive Free Shipping. According to the Lazy Monk team, the exercise stability ball is one of their best selling product and clients are absolutely thrilled about it.

The Lazy Monk Exercise Ball Set includes a balance ball for women and men made from matte-textured finish PVC in different colors and sizes, extra pins for the fitness ball valve, a warm-up elastic loop and a hard cover workout guide for achieving the perfect body.

"We love the holidays, so we've decided to share the magic of Christmas with all our customers and offer our exercise ball. We know the product is professionally made, sturdy and made to last a lifetime. These aspects recommend the exercise ball as an ideal Christmas present."

Charles White, Co-Founder of Lazy Monk

According to the Lazy Monk team, the eco stability ball is easy to use. They said that with the balance ball pump coming in the pack, anyone can easily inflate the ball very fast and after a quick and effective warm-up successfully done with the elastic loop, one’s workout can now begin.

Lazy Monk offers 5 year warranty for their product. The brand knows exactly what kind of product they have designed, knowing that clients will indeed be satisfied with their investment. The company offers a full refund in case anything should happen with the Exercise Ball.

This is truly a trustworthy product and testimonials coming from customers confirm this idea. Lazy Monk believes in offering professionalism in all possible forms and shapes. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the customer service team is ready to answer all questions customers might be having in record time.

For further information about the company or the product, please visit or use the contact details listed below.

Company: Lazy Monk
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Source: Lazy Monk


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