Chart Expertz Provides Medical Chart Reviews for Insurance Companies, Lawyers and State Agencies

Medical malpractice cases are among the most complex and costly in the plaintiff personal injury law firm. Proper case selection is the first and most critical step in the successful pursuit of a medical malpractice claim. Careful screening of these cases will avoid much fruitless work and expense. Not all bad outcomes are due to negligence.

Chart Expertz provides thorough reviews of all medical circumstances surrounding a case. Chart Expertz quickly and efficiently determines a case’s merit and, if the case is found to have merit, Chart Expertz prepares a chronological narrative report with medical summaries and opinions regarding liability and damages.

Chart Expertz will screen each medical malpractice case by identifying those providers who breached the Standard of Care and analyze this in context as it relates to causation. They can identify, organize and summarize the pertinent information. Chart Expertz will assist in ensuring that all necessary documents have been discovered and produced, and assists law firms in identifying appropriate items to request for production. ​

Chart Expertz serves a vast clientele comprising physicians, attorneys, medical legal consultants, insurance companies, private corporations, and case or chart review firms. These medical record support services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client category.

The medical record review service that Chart Expertz provides helps their clients improve productivity and revenue. The services provided cover transcribing, locating, reviewing, interpreting, and analysis of all medical records facts/information.

All medical chart reviews are handled in North America at a Chart Experts office. The information provided to Chart Expertz is never outsourced from their office to an offshore location.

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