Bulletproof Hi-Tech BackPack / Announced for General Public

Austin, Texas based iBackPack is releasing a backpack with pockets filled with Kevlar. The company representative Doug Monahan states "The streets, classrooms and churches in the USA are getting very dangerous - we have the technology in-hand to protect lives - and are going to do our best to thwart this insanity."

After hearing about the mass shootings in San Bernadino, California, Austin, Texas based iBackPack has moved its the BulletProof BackPack option to the top of its priorities. The iBackPack CEO, Doug Monahan states" "enough is enough" and "it is time for corporations to do more to protect the US citizens from attack". iBackPack Vice President, Ile Jugovski says "the powerful NRA won't unclinch its hold on the politicians, thus there needs to be another solution - and we have one strong answer - personal protection."

The iBackPack is a revolutionary new piece of technology. It takes a traditional style backpack and turns it into a high-technology work-of-art. The introduction of the bulletproof plate or Kevlar fabric is something that unfortunately the world needs. "Our company is going to do everything and anything in order to protect school children" exhalts Duncan Bonnici, CTO. "The introduction of light-weight armament protection has been a long-time project for our company" claims Emma Bostian, Director of Innovation. The term bullet-proof is a bit of a fallacy for nothing is truly "bullet-proof" but with the Kevlar systems we are adding - children will be safer.

"The iPackPack will protect those carrying it from extremist terrorists." says Doug Monahan, CEO. "If we can save one child, student, business professional, teacher - then we will have achieved our goal. The iBackPack can be used both as a protective barrier and way to allow police to find you via GPS capabilities."

Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder

Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder, iBackPack of Texas, Inc. states "Something has to be done to protect the world from madmen with guns. It's obvious gun laws aren't going to change, thus we feel it is imperative we work to solve the problem from a different angle - protection - Kevlar in backpacks is an excellent short-term solution."

While the iBackPack Kickstarter program is not yet live - you can review the proposed campaign and make comments here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ibackpack/2042355245?token=9b97d0af

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